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Seems like a lot of people are leaving LJ in the wake of the Russian owners changing the TOS. More and more people are coming here, which means that it might be worth actually reading my F-List from here instead. Note to self: do that. (Please also note: I will no longer be cross-posting to LJ.) It has been a very long time since I last posted here, so here are some quick updates and such.

The Good: I'm alive and healthy and so is my fiancé. It's good to be grateful for the basic things.

The Bad: Two days ago I was fired for the first time in my life.

The Good: Wedding planning continues apace. It's going to be a good day.

The Not-Really-Bad-But-A-Little-Worrisome: Still need pin down a more accurate number of guests coming to this shindig, so I know how much I can budget into finding a photographer—which I still haven't done.

The Good: My mom is coming to visit this coming weekend!

The Bad: Looking for a new job. The only thing worse than actually having a job is hunting for one.

The Best: We are adding a kitten to our family! In the next... two? Three? Weeks. When she's old enough to leave her mom. Is there anything better than a tiny, purring, fuzzy kitten? No, no there is not. Kittens are the best.

That's it for now! I should try to post here at least once a month, but even that seems unrealistic, somehow. But I will try.
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Tonight was Barnes & Noble's Harry Potter Magical Holiday Ball. I went—because of course I was going to go—got all dressed up and wandered around a bit. I mingled with other nerds in Harry Potter garb and watched (mostly indulgently) as small children ran around waving wands. I ended up not staying for the full event, whatever that might have ultimately have entailed. It was fun, and almost captured the magic of the midnight releases of old. Almost.

Those were the good times.

But mostly I felt I could have been carrying a sign. "I'm looking for friends. I like Harry Potter, too. Will you be my friend?" I told one girl that I liked her awesome coat, and her friend said she liked my beetle-wing earrings and they both laughed at my, "They're appropriately Slytheriny!" reply. Making friends is hard for the socially anxious, and that was the extent of my friendly overtures. But it would have been nice to capture the magic—hah—what it used to be.

P.s. I don't have an Harry Potter icons. That seems strange to me now.
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• I'm officially a Colorado state resident. (Well, ok, maybe not officially. I haven't gotten a new DL yet, but I did send in my voter registration yesterday.) Shockingly, it's not much different from New Mexico? There's a lot of Broncos merch everywhere, which is hilarious and terrifying. As I keep being told, I am deep, deep in the heart of Broncos country. (And apparently football season has started, or something. Who cares, though, since baseball season is about to be over?)

• You guys, moving is expensive. I've bought furniture and rugs and some art, and a whole host of other things that we need.

• I'm currently not working much. There's a product info workshop/training thing tomorrow, and there's a whole slew of online training manuals (which so far has been videos of text and a voiceover reading the text to me, and then a quiz to make sure I was paying attention) that I'm going through now. I'm seriously considering doing some knitting while I go through these things. I also now have a work email? I guess technically I'm sort of on the management team. I'm more like a team leader. Anyway. Work email. Training. Wooooo.

• We booked our wedding venue last week! We're going to be getting married at Tapestry House here in Colorado. The best part? They're an all-inclusive venue, so they'll do everything. Or at least, all the things we want them to. We'll probably go with an outside photographer and we have a friend who wants to DJ for us, but they'll do the food and the booze and the decorating (although my mom might do the centerpieces) and they'll even do the cake if we decide not to find someone else. It's a huge relief to not need to do all those things, let me tell you what. There are still things to do, obviously, but I feel so much more relaxed about the whole prospect now.

• I'm using all my OTP icons for these posts (which people reading on LJ won't be able to see) because of the wedding talk.

• Books! Since last I wrote, I did indeed get my hands on Ilona Andrews' Magic Binds and it was a really good addition to the series. It included, hilariously and helpfully, a wedding between the main character and her fiancé. (I say helpfully because it pointed out a few things about weddings that I'd forgotten and allowed me to chill a little. So. Yay for that!) I've also read Kendare Blake's most recent book, Three Dark Crowns, which was excellent, even if (at least) one of the twists was something I was expecting. I'm really looking forward to the next one in that series. Now I'm reading the latest Kara Gillian book, Legacy of the Demon, by Diana Rowland, which is proving to be very entertaining—although I don't remember with perfect clarity what happened in the previous book. (This is ok, because Urban Fantasy series tend to gloss over previous events in the beginning, so it's working out just fine for me.) After that I'm probably going to dive into the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, since I really like her other stuff and there's a handful of them plus assorted novellas so it'll keep me entertained for a while. And then after that I plan to reread Garth Nix's Abhorsen books so that I can read the newest addition to that series, Goldenhand.

• Oh, also: NaNoWriMo is coming up. As always, I'm planning on participating. I can't even begin to imagine what my November is going to look like, but I'm hoping I'll have some time to put some words in. Fingers crossed and all that.
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• There is just today, tomorrow, and Friday left. On Saturday we'll be packing up the cars and then driving away. I'm done with work, which means I have the next few weeks off, since my new gig won't start until mid-October. It's sort of nice to have that time, but also sort of stressful—in that I don't have any sort of income for these next few weeks, and yet still have bills and such to pay. But I think it will work out.


• But also packing. Which is really awful.

• Hmm books. I finished Ilona Andrews' newest, Magic Binds, and it was fun. And, considering that there was a wedding being planned and orchestrated in it, it was actually useful for me personally. So there's that. I'm currently reading Kendare Blake's newest, Three Dark Crowns which is really interesting. I'm curious how they're going to resolve the conflict, which is that two of the three main characters are basically slated for death.

• Made an appointment to look at a venue for the wedding. This is exciting! Also a little terrifying. I'm thinking about Saves the Dates and then invitations, and my dress, and whether or not I want a full bar or if I want centerpieces. It's a lot to think about, and I'm trying not to get overwhelmed, haha. But it's exciting!

Not a whole lot to say, but at least I'm updating?
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Obviously this whole, "posting here more often or at all, really" thing is going to take a little while to get back into the swing of, so posts will likely be somewhat sporadic. Obviously I'd love to post once a week, but... I'll forget. I know I will. But I'm trying, and I have a plan. (More on that in a bit.)

• But first! My boyfriend proposed! I'm getting married! I mean, not right away. Next summer. My mom and I are in the early stages of planning a wedding--which is scary, you guys. Planning something this big, with so many pieces and people. Although, I'll be honest, fiance (hehe) and I still haven't totally ruled out the possibility of doing something really small, and then having a big party afterwards. But we'll see. I'm not letting the whole idea of this get too overwhelming or scary because I don't want to stress it. I want it to be fun to plan a fun day. Also I do not want my friends to remember me as a Bridezilla. So.

• I only have 7 (possibly 8, we'll see how it goes) more days at my current job. And only 13 more days until we get in our cars and drive away from New Mexico. Despite growing up here, I don't actually think of myself as from here. My heart belongs in the city. For 8 years it was New York City. When I was in Edinburgh, I thought it was a city I could certainly love. Now I think that Fort Collins (and it's Greater Metropolitan Area) will be city enough.

• We are just now starting to get into the beginning of the actual move. I hate the actual process of moving: the packing and disassembling of my whole life, the hefting and carrying of all that stuff and putting it into a vehicle, and then after you move those vehicles to your new place, you have to do it all again in reverse. We're starting early in the hopes of containing the chaos to something more manageable, but ahahahahaha hahaha hah. Yeah. It's moving. It makes me want to throw up. But this time is a little different! In case you weren't aware, I am marrying the most amazing guy, who informs me that he's specifically arranged enough help so that I don't have to do any of the heavy lifting. Because he knows how much this stresses me out and he loves me.

• Possibly related... I have all kinds of acne on my back. Even as a teen my skin wasn't particularly prone to breakouts. At most I'd have two, maybe three, pimples at any one time and usually it was less. I have pretty good skin. But now I've got it all over my back and it's driving me crazy. I haven't changed my skincare routine (or at least, I've changed it a little now that I have the acne, but I didn't change it until after it started) and I don't feel more stressed than usual (although, since I'm an anxiety sufferer, my normal levels of stress always seem pretty high to me). Or at least, the acne appeared before the actual moving stress kicked in. I know I'm not doing the other things that usually signal to me that I'm stressed—picking at my cuticles or chewing off the skin on the inside of my lips and cheeks—but maybe I am more stressed and I'm just not noticing? I don't know and this stuff on my back is, again, driving my nuts. Stop this shit, body. Stop it right now.


• Books! Seanan McGuire's latest October Daye book came out last week. It's called Once Broken Faith and it was really good! There was a short story attached to the end which really helped out the ending, and set up a new relationship, and I'm excited. I also decided to get my hands on Full of Briars, a Quentin novella! It was fun! Now I'm preparing to read Ilona Andrews' most recent Kate Daniels book, Magic Binds. This preparation consists of reading the novella's in that world, which are set before the last book and are really helping to explain some things. I'm going to get my hands on the new book as soon as I'm finished with the last novella.

• Bullet Journaling! I started one, then decided I'd fucked it up, and now I'm using a Moleskine journal for lists and such. I'll figure out how to do the whole BuJo thing eventually, but for now, I wrote a blog post about it on my "professional" blog thing. Possibly one of the things that I'll use it to do one day is update this thing more, haha. Anyway. Read all about it!

Ok, that's it for now.
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• It's been a little over two years since I last wrote. Which means there's quite a lot to catch up on here... but I think I'm just going to skip over that. Most people reading this journal also follow me on Twitter or are also friends on Facebook, so they would have gotten little tidbits of it there. Still, I'm feeling the need for a more long-form way of telling the world what's been going on in my life, so here we are.

• At the end of September, boyfriend and I are going to pack up and move to Fort Collins, Colorado. Ok, technically I'll be living in Loveland, but I've come to think of that as part of the Fort Collins Greater Metropolitan Area, and I'll be working in Fort Collins. Because, oh yeah, I landed a job there. I'll be starting mid October. We have a really great little apartment, too, in a really great location. With both of those things taken care of, I'm free to go back to worrying about the actual move itself and living in a new and unfamiliar place. But I'm sure that will pass. And I'm excited to be starting a new adventure.

• I've been trying to read more this year. With the sole exception of July, during which I finished one book (which I had started at the end of June) and then continued to read one other (which I then finished on the 1st of August), I've been doing pretty good. This year's spread sheet has color coding for the gender of authors (because I'm curious) as well as different coding for things that are re-reads (aka comfort reading) and things that will end up on my "Best Books I Read in 2016" list at the end of the year. I'm having fun with it, and also enjoying reading—which was the whole point of this endeavor.

• Related: If you haven't read [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire's Every Heart A Doorway, do so. It's short and won't take you very long, and you'll be happy you did. And if you haven't read Rachel Aaron's Heartstrikers series, definitely do that too. The third book, No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished came out last week, you should do that too. I mean, start with the first two if you also haven't read those, but then definitely read #3 because it's so so so good.

• This morning I woke from a dream in which I had agreed to be a gangster boss's mistress, in a time when cars and horses were on the streets together. It considering that it was mostly the two of us talking, and me realizing that he was really a nice guy who missed his dead wife terribly and really wanted to build this beautiful house... it was a pretty nice dream. This dream also featured FAO Schwarz, but some weird version of it, and me cryptically saying that it looked different than the last time I'd seen it, because I was also, apparently, a time traveller. Sometimes I really love my brain.

That's it for now. More things as I think of them, I suppose.
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When last we saw our intrepid heroine... on June 18th wtf, self, you were supposed to be getting better at this...

• I changed jobs. The part time gig was good and all, but now I have a full time gig that I like and I like the people I work with and the people seem to like me too. It's better all around, not to mention the fact that I will likely be able to actually pay my bills a little easier and maybe even save some money. And, since I'm now working at a Japanese Spa, I get all kinds of awesome benefits, like discounts and gift cards and such. This job is pretty awesome, guys.

• I also got a new tattoo on Saturday. I got the "Not all those who wander are lost" part of Strider's riddle, translated into Quenya, on my back. I'm happy with it, although it does make putting on jackets, reaching for things up high at work, and sleeping occasionally interesting. I am also considering getting something while I'm in Ireland. We shall see.

• Only about a week til my UK trip! I decided to take a little trip to Glasgow between London and Dublin, and I might use one of the three days I'm there to take a day trip to Edinburgh as well. I'm also considering a day trip up to Belfast from Dublin, as well as trekking out from London for an evening to see my favorite band at a festival they're playing at. I have all these options!

• It's chilly and rainy out, which means I am eating warm things to keep a little on the warmer side. I'd have considered staying late at work for free hot tub soaking, but lightning. And I wanted to come home and read my book.

That's about it, in terms of news.
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Aw yis, keeping to a vague posting schedule. Go me.

• Job still and unsurprisingly continues. I will likely apply to another thing as my current gig is just part time, and then we'll see how that could work.

• Actual planning for August travel to London and Dublin has commenced! I am very excited. There might be a day in Amsterdam with my mom and stepdude if they have the time. Which would be very neat. And if not, I will still have been to London and Dublin, so it will have been awesome.

• I haven't posted to my new blog since the Maleficent reaction, but there's a post coming on Friday that I am very pleased with. So you all should keep an eye out for it. c:

• My feet hurt. Always and forever with this job, apparently.

• Guys, I still haven't gotten over X-Men: Days of Future Past and I think I need to see it again this weekend. So that I can take notes. And allow Erik Lehnsherr further into my head. Because he's there, and he's angry and loud and amazing, and I sort of need to see that airplane scene again.

And that's the State of Sky for the week. c:
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Whoops. I forgot to post in the first week of June. Darn.

• Job continues. I'm learning quickly and starting to feel like I know how to do things. Which is nice. Management has decided that I'm good for closing shifts, which is... not my preferred shift. But it's money. Hopefully the week after next I'll have some shifts that aren't closing.

• I started a blog as a "professional" type presence. Already I've posted about Amazon and Hachette, as well as my reaction to seeing Maleficent last night. :) More things to come as they happen or as I think of them.

• Also I saw Maleficent and it was awesome. Badass fairy lady.

• I've been wavering between being mostly satisfied with the things I have right now as a means of moving forward, and being impatient to do something else, be someplace else. I have this vague idea of a thing I'd like to do, and sort of no idea how to get there, or if I'd like where that would physically take me, or if people are going to just laugh at me if I try to apply for new things. It's definitely scary. And it requires some thinking about, I guess.

• In less frustrating and sad news...

Nope. I got nothing. That was all my news.
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• So. That job that I hadn't exactly applied for but was probably qualified for anyway? I got it. I am employed, at least part time. It's nothing fancy, nothing I'm actually using my degree at all for—but that's what I wanted, so I'm satisfied with that—I'm just a tiny bit player in a massive conglomerate chain store. (Although I did proofread an email for a coworker, so that's sort of using my degree.) I was scheduled for three days of training videos and interactive powerpoints, but got everything done in one 7-hour shift yesterday and an hour and a half this morning. So I ended up actually working a whole shift today. And now my feets hurt. I got myself some gel insets for my shoes on the way home, for my whole shift tomorrow. Also black pants. Because I didn't own any.

• Wooo employment!

• Bonus: work is only about 4-5 blocks from where I live, so I've just been walking. It's been pretty consistently warm so it's been a pretty nice walk. (It was supposed to rain today, but didn't. Just to be on the safe side, I bought myself an umbrella when I was getting pants and gel inserts. Because I didn't actually own one, or really own anything that had a hood. And now I'll have an umbrella for when I'm in the UK this summer.) Yay minimal exercise!

• Ow ow ow ow feet.

• I'm maybe reading again? I mean, I didn't really stop reading entirely, I just stopped reading things that Goodreads counts towards my 2014 challenge. I reread a whole bunch of Tamora Pierce, and I reread Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and I reread some Nora Roberts. Now I'm reading a book I've never read before. I read while I scarfed down a lunch sandwich at Panera (because it's just across the parking lot from work), and I'll probably read some more tonight. The new Merry Gentry book is coming out on Tuesday next, which will be the first new Laurel K. Hamilton book I've actually been interested in reading in a while.

And there's your weekly summer dose of Sky's life.
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Just what it says on the tin.

Before I get into anything that might be spoilery, I will say that I liked the movie! I thought it was full of cool things, and interesting plot devices. Also: Michael Fassbender. He makes a movie worth it for me. James McAvoy was good too—although that hair, yikes—and obviously so was Hugh Jackman. I recommend the movie to anyone who likes this sort of thing. You'll probably like this one too.

Now. Spoilery things. This is your last warning.

Spoilers behind the cut! )

Yeah, that's all I got. It was good. Michael Fassbender still gets me all hot and bothered.

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I'm going to try posting more like once a week for a while, and see how that goes? It's been a week-ish since my last post, so here we go.

• I did the graduation thing, and actually had a pretty good time. I had no idea who was going to be speaking, but they got a local artist to do the commencement speech, and I thought it was pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. There was a student speaker who was a student I'd literally never heard of or met, but that's not surprising. Since I never lived in the dorms, I was never really forced to mingle with students from other programs. I only knew the few who had been in various classes for Core requirements. Anyway, it was a nice ceremony, shorter than I thought it would be which was nice, and it felt like a good conclusion to my time at the university.

• My grandparents (father's side) came, as did my mom and stepdude. There was some shuffling around and seeing one group for lunch and then the other group for dinner, but it worked out well and went much smoother than I thought it would. For four days I ate really well, and much more diversely than I generally feed myself. (I don't eat badly, really, but I will happily eat fruit for breakfast and then salad for dinner four days in a row. So.)

• I got an entirely unexpected, and extremely generous Amazon gift card from a friend of my mother's, and I already went and spent about half of it. With my Prime membership I get free 2-day shipping, so the first installment just got here. I got:
→ Books 5-7 of [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire's October Daye series, although book 7 is the one book that will be getting here tomorrow. I have all the books on my Kindle, but I need them in hard copy. (More on that in a moment.) No, I don't already own books 1-4. I got the ones I like best first, and I'll get the rest soon.
→ Books 5-7 of Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series. I do actually own books 1 and 2, but again I got the ones I like best first, and I will fill in the series later.
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, because I super loved it. And also because it has art by Noelle Stevenson ([tumblr.com profile] gingerhaze) for the cover. And because... I just... it spoke to me, okay?

• I also got my trip to England and Ireland in August as a graduation present from my mom and stepdude. Pardon me if I seem somewhat sedate when I say that, I just don't know how to accurately express the levels of excitement I'm feeling in text. But yeah. I am SO. EXCITED. I'll be going to WorldCon in London and then ShamroKon in Dublin, both of which will be attended by [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire, hence the need for books she can actually sign. Patricia Briggs will also be there, so I will get some of those books signed too. (Note to Self: Figure out how many books I can actually take with me.) I've already started looking at some things I can do in London and Dublin while I'm there, and I think it's going to be a good time!

• This one isn't really a graduation present, but it coincided with graduating anyway: I saw Journey in concert last night! It was awesome! (It was actually Tower of Power -> The Steve Miller Band -> Journey, and even Steve Miller was pretty awesome. You know, Fly Like An Eagle and all.) I didn't actually scream myself hoarse, but my throat is a little sore and scratchy today. It was interesting to watch Journey play with their replacement lead singer, who they found on YouTube. Imagine being asked by a band you really like to come sing with them. And not just sing with them once, but come sing with them all the time! There's not a good writerly analogy for that, but I guess it would be kind of like if my favorite author decided they didn't want to keep writing their series and would I please take over. Anyway. It was interesting.

• I'm not currently wearing my Journey t-shirt that I got last night. It's white, and it seems like it might rain. Not that I'm planning on leaving the house. But, you know, better safe than inadvertently winning a wet t-shirt contest that I'm the only contestant of.

X-Men: Days of Future Past comes out at the end of this week, and I have tentative plans to see it next week, I think. I am really looking forward to more James McAvoy (terrible hair and all) and Michael Fassbender. Oh yes. And all those other people too. And Hugh Jackman. Can't forget about him.

Yeah, I think that's all for today. More next week, I guess.
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• Today it's cold and lazily snowing here in Santa Fe. That's right. It's May 13th, and it's snowing. This place has the weirdest weather.

• This Saturday I'm going to put on a cap and gown and do the whole walking/shaking hands/accepting my "diploma" thing. (The school already mailed me my diploma since I actually finished my course work and all that in Dec. I think it's sort of hilarious that I'm doing this all now, but it is what it is.) Various family is coming, and there will be some juggling of time, but I think it will be a nice time all around. Certainly I'm looking forward to being done with everything concerned with this college.

• I had a job interview today, for a position I'm not entirely sure I applied for but that I'm probably qualified for and which seems like it might be more interesting (and in some ways less anxiety-inducing for me) than the position I think I actually did apply for. I'm pretty sure the people liked me, and I'm pretty sure the interview went well. Think good thoughts for me, internet peoples. I really need something that's going to bring in some money.

• This is the week of season finales on TV. Once Upon A Time ended on Sunday, and had about three minutes of everyone being happy and me crying because it was so beautiful and amazing before all that happiness got stabbed in the face and everything was terrible again. I mean, it was wonderful, but I'm pretty sure my cat is concerned for my well-being now, since I actually screeched in horror. The current seasons of Castle and The Blacklist both ended last night, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will end tonight. Elementary will end this Thursday.

• On the other hand, Game of Thrones is currently in the middle of it's current season, and Da Vinci's Demon's just passed the halfway mark. Plus, Penny Dreadful just started, and Crossbones will begin at the end of the month, so it's not like I won't have anything to watch.

• I'm currently rereading various of the Tortall books by Tamora Pierce. I really love these books. If I ever write YA stuff, I want it to be like these amazing stories, and not have some of the weird tropes that show up in YA these days.

Well, that might be it for now. I need to do some cleaning around my apartment, and I should maybe do that while there's daylight.
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• I watched the entire first season of Arrow in 3 days, all so I can get to the two episodes in the second season with Grant Gustin. Lookit me, waving my nerd flag! All joking aside, it was pretty good. When the second season ends, I'll get my hands on the whole thing and then marathon that, too.

• Other TV I'm currently watching and enjoying for the curious: Once Upon A Time, Game of Thrones, Elementary, Vikings, Da Vinci's Demons, and of course Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

• Stiiiiiiiill looking for a job. I finally got an interview somewhere, and it was a good interview, but I'm genuinely not sure what my chances are? And the guy said he would probably know by Friday (that is, two days ago) so I should probably hear back one way or the other tomorrow. Fingers and other appropriate appendages crossed.

• (If I get a job I can finally get a blu ray player, and then I can actually watch some of the movies I bought when I was with someone who had a PS3.)

• I bought a basil plant from Trader Joe's the other day just so I could have fresh pesto in my life again. I whipped up a batch and it was totally amazing. And the plant is recovering from the fact that I took most of its leaves to make that batch. It's sort of amazing how quickly this plant is growing, actually.

• Speaking of which: it's a really good thing I've kept the plant inside my house, because last night and this morning it fucking snowed. Even though we'd been having nice weather in the 70's, and then BAM! Snow. Weird ass New Mexico weather.
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Oh yeah, posting when only a little over a month has passed. Getting better at this. Go me.

• I'm back from Israel. It was pretty awesome. I took 300+ pictures, but I'm not that great of a photographer. Some are good, though. I'll probably post those on Facebook (at some point...) so if we're friends there, keep an eye out for them. I definitely enjoyed the food though, and I'm definitely going to have to try my hand at making some of it. Like falafel, which is actually really easy. There are opportunities for me to go back to Israel, but I don't know that that's a thing I necessarily feel the need to do. But we'll see where life takes me, I guess.

• I also moved! I am in my own little one bedroom/one bathroom apartment now. It's the perfect size for me and my cat, though there are things that I don't have still. My last place was big enough and had enough extra floor space thatI could just store things on the floor if there wasn't a place for them. This place is smaller, so that's not really an option. It does have way more closet space, though. So that's helping.

• Work! I have a job interview in an hour. I'm not entirely clear on what I'd be doing in the job, but the job ad requested someone creative, intuitive, well-organized, internet savvy, reliable, optimistic, and "interested in exploring a wide variety of projects in the worlds of Art, Cultural Awareness, and the Environment." So fingers crossed. I think I'm a pretty good interviewee, but I could still use some luck and good vibes.

I don't really know what to say here these days. So I guess that's it.
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Whoa, I haven't posted since my birthday.

• I'm leaving for NYC tomorrow, which is a stopover on my way to Israel. I'm going to Israel!! I leave on Sunday, have an overnight flight, and then I get to be trotted around to see various touristy things, and eat good food. The food part is paramount, as the trip I'm going on is a Culinary trip. Among the first things we do is go to brunch at a dairy farm and try "boutique cheeses." Nomnomnom. I'm going to eat all the food and take all the pictures.

• I'm also moving at the end of the month. I get back from Israel on the 20th, then get back home from NYC on the 24th, and then my lease is up on the 28th. Which means I feel like I'm running around a lot like a chicken without a head. Yipes.

• I read 8 books in January! And none yet so far this month. I'm not sure that's likely to change, although I suppose there will be travel time in which to read (first airplanes and then buses and then more airplanes). Still, I think I will be able to meet my original goal of 50 books read for this year, and perhaps surpass it! Go go go me!

• I don't have a travel icon! I'll fix this eventually. In the meantime, have a hungry kitty.

That's really all the news there is of my life. Aaaand crap, I really need to finish packing.
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It's my birthday! Which means my traditional breakfast of blintzes and then dinner of homemade spaghetti sauce. My dad made the sauce yesterday, but as soon as he loads and starts his dishwasher, we'll start making the blintzes. Both of these are made using my grandmother's recipes, and have been my preferred birthday food for many years.

It ought to be noted that the spaghetti sauce is not, by any means, a traditional Italian recipe. We're Russian/German jews, not Italian jews. But it's super yummy. I generally think that it should be eaten without noodles, in a sort of open-face sandwich on garlic bread. Because it's just that good.

Jeez. Even just writing about all that has made me hungry.

It's going to be a good, happy, relaxing day.

Maybe I'll even write a little.
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• First things first: the Monday before Thanksgiving, The Boyfriend and I broke up. I'm not going to get into it here because I'm pretty much done thinking about the whys and whens and all of that. Suffice to say that I'm okay and I think it was the right decision to make.

• School is done, which means I am reading tons, hanging out with my dad, playing lots of Guild Wars 2, watching movies, applying to jobs, writing in my journal, and considering which project I was to write next. I'm taking some time to be on "winter break" but then I will need to find a job and make some money and be a productive part of society (and also start paying off student loans, yikes).

• Writing-wise, I'm not doing a whole lot. I'm taking a little break. But I'm starting to think about what I want to do next. There are two things that I like and want to tinker with, but I don't think either of them is ready to start writing. But I might have an idea for something else. So yeah. And I'll probably start revisions/rewrites on the novel I wrote over the summer soon, too. There's at least one major narrative line that needs to be totally redone. So. That's sort of an exciting prospect.

• I'm really, really sad that all of the (appealing to me) fandom blends from Adagio Tea seem to have caffeine in them. Except, oddly, the Loki blend. When I have money, maybe I'll get myself some of that.

• I haven't yet seen The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug because the plan was to go with ex-boyfriend before he was ex. But now that he's not around, I don't really have anyone who I think would be interested in going to see it. Or at least, no one I'm close with or who comes immediately to mind. So that's sad. I really, really want to see it.

Yeah, that's about all I have to say at the moment.
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I have turned in all three final projects, one for each of my three classes, which means that (other than the class I have to show up for tomorrow afternoon for someone else's final presentation) I am done with this bullshit forevermore.

Also, it turns out that, if you graduate in Dec. when there's no commencement ceremony, the exit procedures for this school entirely consist of, "Congrats! You're done! Now go away and don't come back." Which, yeah, basically that was my plan, but it's sort of nice to know that's what I'm supposed to do.

P.S. Yes, I will probably end up walking in next May's ceremony. Cap and gown and all.

P.P.S. Appropriate icon is appropriate. Unless you're seeing this via LJ, in which case you get nothing.
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• I survived the doctor's appointment! The nurse took my blood pressure and heart rate and all that before the doctor actually came in, and noted that my heart rate was up. Yeah, duh, of course it's up. I'm in a doctor's office and quietly (internally) freaking out.

• Then, even though the nurse didn't think that I would have to be jabbed with any needles (this time), the doctor ended up recommending that I get a tetanus shot before going to Israel. Totally reasonable. Thing I Learned Today: shots actually hurt more than tattoos (for me) because of how much deeper the needle goes into you. I did not burst into tears like the last time I had to get a shot (about 10 years ago, that time at the dentist doesn't count because I was huffing happy gas), I was very calm about it, even to the point of calmly saying, "Ow." I did lay down though. Since I didn't know what my reaction was going to be, I didn't want to faint or something.

• Bonus: they did a pregnancy test before the shot and yay! Not pregnant!

• And the doctor filled out the doctor's note for my Israel trip, so now I have gotten the people all the paperwork they've asked me for and I am just waiting to hear about which group I will be put in, and for my flight assignments. (Which, apparently, will be sent out at the beginning of December for an early February trip. You'd think they would be a little bit more considerate about timing, since people going on the trips are responsible for getting to the city of departure on their own. I guess two months is an ok amount of time to find a flight, but more notice means a cheaper flight. So.)

• I will likely have to go back to the doctor sometime soon for a full workup—today was mostly about the doctor's note and establishing primary care. Which means blood work will be done and also a Lady Exam. All of which are good things, even if being anywhere near doctors sort of scares the shit out of me.

• I have a long weekend this weekend. I always have Fridays off, but my Thursday class was cancelled because the teacher will be out of town. Woo! Freedom!

• Long weekend means some time to do writing and planning for writing. I really need to start the rough drafts of the Myth, Archetype, & Fairy Tale collection I'm writing, and also I ought to get things together for NaNoWriMo this year. So that's what my weekend will be all about. Homework, homework writing, and writing.

• Oh, also, baseball. My weekend will be full of baseball. My team didn't make it to the World Series—but they got closer this year than they've gotten in my memory, and they've been steadily improving for the last few years, so I've got my fingers crossed for a World Series in their close future. (Fun fact: the last time they won a World Series—which was also the last time they even went to the World Series—was the years I was born.)

I guess that's it. I'm trying to update a little more regularly here. We'll see if that happens.


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