Dec. 9th, 2016

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Tonight was Barnes & Noble's Harry Potter Magical Holiday Ball. I went—because of course I was going to go—got all dressed up and wandered around a bit. I mingled with other nerds in Harry Potter garb and watched (mostly indulgently) as small children ran around waving wands. I ended up not staying for the full event, whatever that might have ultimately have entailed. It was fun, and almost captured the magic of the midnight releases of old. Almost.

Those were the good times.

But mostly I felt I could have been carrying a sign. "I'm looking for friends. I like Harry Potter, too. Will you be my friend?" I told one girl that I liked her awesome coat, and her friend said she liked my beetle-wing earrings and they both laughed at my, "They're appropriately Slytheriny!" reply. Making friends is hard for the socially anxious, and that was the extent of my friendly overtures. But it would have been nice to capture the magic—hah—what it used to be.

P.s. I don't have an Harry Potter icons. That seems strange to me now.


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