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Whoops. I forgot to post in the first week of June. Darn.

• Job continues. I'm learning quickly and starting to feel like I know how to do things. Which is nice. Management has decided that I'm good for closing shifts, which is... not my preferred shift. But it's money. Hopefully the week after next I'll have some shifts that aren't closing.

• I started a blog as a "professional" type presence. Already I've posted about Amazon and Hachette, as well as my reaction to seeing Maleficent last night. :) More things to come as they happen or as I think of them.

• Also I saw Maleficent and it was awesome. Badass fairy lady.

• I've been wavering between being mostly satisfied with the things I have right now as a means of moving forward, and being impatient to do something else, be someplace else. I have this vague idea of a thing I'd like to do, and sort of no idea how to get there, or if I'd like where that would physically take me, or if people are going to just laugh at me if I try to apply for new things. It's definitely scary. And it requires some thinking about, I guess.

• In less frustrating and sad news...

Nope. I got nothing. That was all my news.
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• Well, I heard back from Clarion West, and alas I was not accepted. I don't think I had any real expectations either way, but it was still a disappointment.

• Though, that makes my summer plans sort of neat. I'll be working with one of my teachers and finishing my novel (for school credit even!). Mostly because she wants to read the rest of it. Which is really encouraging.

• J bought me a yoga DVD the other day, and I did a 20 minute yoga session on it yesterday. Which left me so sore, holy crap. It was just the intro stuff! My sides, my lower abs, and the back of my thighs protest just about every movement I take. I mean, I guess that means it worked, but still. Ow. I will absolutely be doing more just as soon as I am a little let ouchie.

• I get to register for fall classes pretty soon. One of my teachers (the same one I'll be working with this summer) is teaching a lit class called (something like) "Myth, Archetype, and Fairytales" which I will absolutely be taking. Jung and Campbell! And a little bit of writing, to make it super interesting.

• I might also be working with a different teacher on another novel as an independent study next semester. Because I'd like to have a few finished things by the time I graduate in Dec. so that means I actually need to write. And why not get credit for it (especially when there aren't any other interesting classes and I need a certain number of credits)? Not yet sure what I'll work on. I suppose whether or not I want to write my current novel's sequel will depend a lot on how I feel after I've finished it this summer.

• I am planning on pounding out some words for the April session of Camp NaNoWriMo. Not a whole novel's worth, but probably the beginning of something. I have a thing I'm excited about, so I'll be working on that.

• I discovered that books that I find too boring to actually read can be listened to while I knit. So I am exactly half way through listening to The Fellowship of the Ring on audiobook. (Or at least, I'm about to start "Book Two" of it, which is right after the ringwraiths get their butts handed to them by the river.) I have the other two Lord of the Rings books for after that, and also Frank Herbert's Dune and The Mists of Avalon for when those are done. Because I need to have these things in my general knowledge, but I haven't ever been able to get through them. Audiobooks are a happy solution to this problem! I'm planning on getting some Jane Austen, too.

• J also got me the extended edition Lord of the Rings collection on blu ray, too. So my present to myself for having finished "reading" The Fellowship of the Ring will probably be to watch it in beautiful HD.

Yeah, that's it. I love this icon.
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• It's been about 2 months since I last posted. Jeez. Obviously it's time to update this thing.

• Though, really. Not a whole lot is going on. Life is, in general, pretty good.

• A while ago, I found out someone who used to be a very close friend of mine got engaged. Today I found out that not only did they set a date for the wedding but they've sent out invitations and I didn't get one. This makes me very sad. Even though I am still happy for them.

• I stopped reading for a while, but then I picked it back up again and I am happily working my way through Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire, and it's reminding me that I really like faeries and the stories that can be told with them. I also picked up Anne Rice's The Mummy or Ramses the Damned, which I'm mostly enjoying, mostly when the author stops trying to prove that she did her Ancient Egyptian research.

• I also got a whole bunch more books that I am anxious to read. The problem with the Kindle is that my unread books take up no physical space and don't physically remind me that they are there and waiting to be read. That means I'm now free to accumulate as many unread books as I please, so long as I have the computer space to store them. I think this is probably dangerous for me.

• Speaking of Kindles though, I gave my dad a Kindle for Father's Day and he loved it. He actually said that it was the best Father's Day ever, which makes me happy because I both got him a present that he really loves and can use, and because Father's Day was spent with both my dad and the Boyfriend and my dad had a great time with the both of us.

• I really need to read more.

I don't think I have a whole lot more to say, really. My life is actually pretty good these days—but not all that interesting to read about, I suppose.

• Oh oh oh! I saw Brave! And I thought it was excellent! Not really what the previews made it look like, but then they were pretty limited if they didn't want to give away certain important parts. But I really really liked what it turned out to be. I suspect I would have really really liked what I thought it was going to be too, but alas, that's not the movie that got made.
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• I am in NYC! The flight between Michigan and NYC was quick and painless (except for being at 7:05am which necessitated getting up at 4:30am), but I read on my Kindle the whole way (which made the 2+ hour trip seem much shorter). I'm not sure how I ever traveled without this thing before. Kiiiiiindle. Love.

[livejournal.com profile] lskull86 picked me up from the airport and took me to Brooklyn for a bagel. This sounds way less complicated than it actually turned out to be. He happens to live in the neighborhood we went to high school in, and we walked around and I looked at all the changes. (I also poked my head into St. Mark's Comics and was totally unsurprised to find people I knew still working there.) Anyway, so long as we were walking around Brooklyn and then bagel place we'd frequented in high school was in decline (apparently), we walked halfway to where I used to live to go to the place that I remembered had the best bagels ever. (They still do.) And then since we were already almost there, we walked past the house that I used to live in. It was neat to see the old neighborhood. Brooklyn Heights will always hold a dear place in my heart, even though I like Manhattan better these days.

• While hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] lskull86 I went to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol which was a lot of fun. I was a little disappointed with how much Josh Holloway was in it (I always want more of him, he's awesome) but I was absolutely happy with the movie. It was an excellent action flick. (Except for the scene in the super tall building. Heights freak me out.)

• There is no food in the apartment I'm staying in. Like... no food. I am hoping that my mother will be gifting me with some funds so that I don't starve. I used the last little bit of my money to get myself a late lunch--sandwich and a giant red velvet cupcake to go. A late birthday cake for myself, since I didn't get cake this year.

• There is a Magnolia Bakery a few blocks from this apartment, too. I don't think I ever knew that, but I am totally going to hit them up. Magnolia Bakery has the best cupcakes in the world, guys. No joke. Alas, that's not where my dessert cupcake came from (though what I ate of it was still excellent).

• Tomorrow night I am going to a New Year's Eve Eve party. The Moonlight Circus is a Dances of Vice party. I've wanted to go to one of their parties for a long time, but I always seem to miss them. So I am excited to be able to go to this one! And only $30 for a ticket. I'm wearing the sparkly blue dress that I wore for my bat mitzvah. Yeah. I know. Ten years later I actually still fit in it, since it's just a stretchy sheath. It was a modified prom dress that we got back then, so my mom just made the straps longer and now it fits again. Magic! I'm not actually going to this party with anyone I know, so hopefully I will meet some new people.

• I am also going to a party for New Year's Eve out on Long Island with [livejournal.com profile] lskull86 and some other friends. I'm excited. Parties in Santa Fe aren't nearly as much fun. I suspect this party will actually be more fun than the one tomorrow, in the sense that it will have lots of nerdy people, some of whom I might have met when I attended I-Con a couple years ago. So that will be interesting!
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Just got back from seeing X-Men: First Class. There is nothing bad about that movie except, perhaps, how it fits in with the canon established by the other four movies, but we'll just ignore that. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so I'm just going to say this (and really, y'all should've expected it from me):

Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsher = NEW OTP. FOR SERIOUS.

Oh my god. Fassbender and McAvoy played it so well. Another movie I will be making sure to own so that I can watch it all the time and sigh happily. I'm pretty sure the people around me got annoyed with all the overjoyed squeaking sounds I was making.

So, um, point me towards the fic. But we all know I'll be writing some of my own like... tomorrow. Not a word, [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy. Not a word. Also: appropriate icon is appropriate.

I need some new icons, I think. :>
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• Had my don rag this morning. I spent most of it trying not to throw up. When it was over, I raced into the bathroom and stayed there for a bit taking really deep breaths. We'll just say this: my future at St. John's is uncertain. (Which, ugh, was expected.)

• Came home. Then made my dad take me out for ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Just 'cause.

• Watched Life As We Know It. Which was better than expected, and adorable, and the "giant crisis" wasn't what I expected, and way better. So. I recommend it to people who like RomComs, Katherine Heigle and/or Timothy Olypant and/or Josh Lucas.

• I made Dutch Cocoa cookies! You know, these. Guys. These things are delicious. Seriously delicious. Recipe is here. I accounted for high altitude, though that might have caused my cookies to end up flatter than intended, and my dough wasn't as dense as I was expecting. I do recommend putting the dough in the fridge over night and not just for an hour. It softens (and gets stickier) as it's warms. Mine spread out a lot, too. I might also recommend putting more than usual space between each cookie to account for that.

• While thinking about what I'd do if I had to take a year off from SJC (or a semester if I decide to apply somewhere else instead of taking a whole year off), I started considering yacht crews? Idk. But I came across this site (and then went and found this one, this one and this one) which place crew on yachts around the world, and that... seems really interesting (not to mention the travel and the good salary). Does anyone know anyone who does this? Does anyone know anything more about this than what I've been able to read on those sites? Tell me everything!

• Am writing stupid amounts of fanfic, but not my [livejournal.com profile] trekreversebang fic, which is the one I actually need to be working on. (Esposito/Conrad/Ryan fic has hit 2k words. And I added to my Kirk/Spock smut. And also added to my Narnia AU.)

• Am all caught up on The Borgias and The Game of Thrones (as of last night—just in time for new episodes on Sunday). I keep having flail-y moments over them. For The Borgias I keep getting excited over history things, or how sexy it is. For The Game of Thrones I keep getting all emotional over characters that I remember liking, or how it's reminding me how much I really liked those books okay? Daenerys, guys. She's kind of a sexy goddess. And this is giving little hints at just how awesome she becomes. If I lived in that world, I totes would have been killed for being a Targaryen supporter. (Or maybe not, as they were kind of terrible people by the time they were deposed. Hm.)

• Ahem.

• Oh yeah. I had the first dream in a really long time that he was in. Technically it was two dreams, as I woke up, and then had a totally different dream about him. We were together in the dream. He apologized for being an ass and not talking to me til now and then grabbed me and kissed me. Waking up was the hardest thing I've had to do in a while.

That's it. I don't care if I used a Borgias icon last time, I'm using one again. This show, guys. This show.
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• LJ's problems the last few days have made me cranky about LJ. I thought about moving to my Dreamwidth and having my entries crosspost here, but I am just too attached to LJ to leave it completely like that. I'll probably start using my DW to post fic, though. (ETA: Still thinking about moving over and crossposting, as it seems like a few people I know might be doing that. Will have to see.)

• Speaking of fic, when I said I'd abandoned my fic writing in my last entry, I was somewhat hasty in that conclusion. As I am back to my Narnia AU and my [livejournal.com profile] trekreversebang fic. Second round of claims for [livejournal.com profile] trekreversebang were last night (since I missed the first ones entirely), and I got my first choice art. Guys, it might not be a slash story. Gasp shock! We'll see what I feel like doing with the art. Still, I am excited.

[livejournal.com profile] trekreversebang

I've got a complete outline of my Narnia AU (though I think I'm missing a section, which will require me to watch Voyage of the Dawn Treader this weekend to figure out where—I know, such a hardship, hah) which is awesome. I might even be able to complete it for [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang. Fingers crossed, I guess.

• Paper from last week is "finished." By which I mean, it was handed in, though I think if I had another week to work on it, I might have been able to iron out my ideas about what I was trying to say a little better. (Pff, who am I kidding? A year on that subject and I might not have been able to figure out what I thought.) Still, it's been handed in, and while I know that the paper wasn't my best, I know several people who still haven't handed their's in, so I feel good about that. And if I have a good oral on my paper, my tutors might forgive me for how under-explained my paper is. :/

• My Tangled DVD arrives tomorrow! I am super excited! I'll get to watch it this weekend!

• Possibly I will also watch Star Trek again. You know, for "research."

Aaand now I am off to get a little bit more of a headstart on my seminar reading for tonight. Montaigne essays. Whoo.
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New current tallies, I has them.

• Current list of fics I am writing:
1) Prince Caspian AU (440 words, considering writing this for [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang but I has no time)
2) Enchanted Epilogue (370 typed, 200 untyped)
3) Hawaii Five-0 "Mary McGarrett is a BAMF" (1030 words)
4) Star Trek XI Kirk/Spock smut (135 typed, 400+ untyped, last count was an estimate)
5) HP Founders-fic, Before They Were Legends (no change since last count, can't find the notebook I wrote this in, hm)
6) Covert Affairs Joan/Arthur romance/smut (actually 500 words, can't find where I wrote the rest of this down either)
7) Merlin Arthur/Merlin (with actual plot, zomg) (still 100 words)

• Current list of ideas bouncing around in my head:
1) Tangled Epilogue (because I am a nutjob, clearly)
2) Hawaii Five-0 Steve/Danny thing (because I ♥ them)

• Current RP things:
1) [livejournal.com profile] eraofhogwarts
2) Letter thing with [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy
3) Vampire/Demon thing with [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy
4) Abban/Dmitri thing with [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy
5) Medieval knights thing with [livejournal.com profile] girasola

• Current tally of papers:
1) Math paper - DONE
2) Language paper - got extension, will be writing this tonight and tomorrow

• Current tally of TV shows I am watching FOR THE PLEASURE OF IT:
1) Eureka (which I have finally downloaded the second half of S3 and can finish when I get home from work)
2) Angel (alternating between S1 and S5 because I am a doof but I ♥ S5)

• Current tally of movies I watched/am watching/will watch BECAUSE I CAN:
1) Black Swan (tomorrow morning with my father)
2) Possibly Amadeus (because we're studying Don Giovanni in music right now, and I think it's hilarious)
3) Definitely Robin Hood for boning up on knowledge (LOL with me) for RP with Mira.

• Tally of cocktails/drinks I intend to consume between now and the end of the Oscars:
1) Martinis
2) Hot chocolate with Bailey's
3) Rum and coke
4) whatever else my dad provides the alcohol for
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• Current tally of fics I am actively working on:
1) Prince Caspian AU (currently 200 words)
2) Enchanted romance/smut (currently 500 words)
3) Hawaii Five-0 "Mary McGarrett is a BAMF" (currently 700 words)
4) Star Trek XI Kirk/Spock smut (currently 500 words)
5) HP Founders-fic, Before They Were Legends (currently 700 words, none of which have been posted)
6) Covert Affairs Joan/Arthur romance/smut (currently 400 words)
7) Merlin Arthur/Merlin (with actual plot, zomg) (currently 100 words)

• Current tally of RP things I'm (not quite as actively) working on:
1) [livejournal.com profile] eraofhogwarts
2) Letter thing with [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy
3) Vampire/Demon thing with [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy
4) Abban/Dmitri thing with [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy

• Current tally of papers I need to write by the end of the week:
1) Math paper (due tomorrow)
2) Language paper (due Friday)

• Current tally of TV shows I am watching to avoid writing of papers, fics or RPs:
1) Eureka (which I am out of and am trying to download)
2) Angel (started at S1 :D)
3) Hawaii Five-0 (which I am caught up on and so much from my Tumblr now makes sense)

• Current tally of movies I watched/am watching/will watch to avoid writing of papers, fic or RPs:
1) Burlesque
2) King Arthur (even though it stands there and laughs at the myths/legends like a bully on a playground)
3) Blade: Trinity (because Parker Posey and Ryan Reynolds are hot)
4) Black Swan (because I need to watch it before the Oscars this Sunday)

• I bought a DKNY watch today to replace my broken one. It has removable links in the band, but: if I make it tight enough that it doesn't move I have to struggle with the clasp for five minutes every time I need to take it off because it's also tight enough that it doesn't give me a lot of space to work with or I can make it so loose that it flops around. This is the difference of one single link. :/ I think I will also try to get a new battery for my HP watch. Because I loff it and I've never worn it.

• I was feeling a little blue, so I painted my nails blue. I'm feeling a little better about life now. :)

• I trimmed my bangs the other day and I cut them a few millimeters too short. Oh well, at least they'll grow out quick.

• My life, guys. My life.
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• I watched movies this weekend, and pretty much did nothing else. I am a doof like that. I actually had things that I needed to do for school, and now I'll be rushing to finish them and get them in before Thanksgiving break. Oof.

• On the other hand, The Sorcerer's Apprentice was actually fun. I wish someone had told the director that it looks like Nick Cage hasn't showered in centuries in the movie, but eh. He wasn't the attraction of the movie, so whatevs. Over all, it was a fun movie.

• I also watched Legion finally. Which, holy crap, was actually ok. It would have been great if all the really awesome parts hadn't been totally swallowed up by all the killing of crazy scary possessed people. D: Still, Paul Bettany as angel Michael was amazing, and there are some seriously slashy bits in that movie. Michael/Jeep and Michael/Gabriel. Totally. I just wish I didn't have to hide through all the parts with possessed people in order to get to the awesome parts. (Also, it was weird because there were a few lines at the end where my downloaded copy of the movie suddenly changed to Russian. So I have NO IDEA what was being said then.)

• My dad and I are making as small a Thanksgiving dinner as we can manage. Which will probably still be a little bigger than just the two of us can eat in one sitting, but still. It will be yummy. It will be turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole (Campbell's style, because I love it), some sort of sweet potato thing for my dad, cranberry sauce, and a mini apple pie and a mini pumpkin pie for dessert. I'm still deciding if I want to get an acorn squash or not. Will decide by tomorrow when we go grocery shopping for the dinner fixin's.

• Went to the dentist today for the last time! Yeah, no, not really. For the last time in the next six months, though. Still have to make an orthodontist appointment, but at least there will be no more drilling or scraping at my teeth for a little while. WHOO.

• Aaaaand, seminar reading time. SIGH.
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• Just got home from seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Oh man. It's been a really long time since I've laughed that much at a movie. Everything about it was awesome, and I will totally be getting my hands on the soundtrack as soon as I get to work tomorrow.

• But the absolute best part of that movie was Kieran Culkin. He was my favorite.

• Also, damn, I might want to try dying my hair blue again. I have to keep reminding myself that it doesn't work, and I shouldn't try it again because it's a BAD IDEA.

• I am so fortunate that the Scott Pilgrim fandom holds zero appeal for me. No draw to get into fanfiction. Thank heavens.

• And now I am going to the Opera to see The Magic Flute. Last minute thing. Holy crap. Today is actually turning out to be busy and full of things. It's nice.

• But that means that this post is shorter than I thought. Not that I have more to say at the moment.
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• In other news, I watched The Losers with my dad tonight. It was really fun and we both enjoyed it, even though it was silly. Guys. Chris Evans makes this movie hilarious and awesome. Yes, I might watch any movie with him in it—I did watch Push mostly for him—but. This movie was great. I feel like it didn't get enough hype. Which is sad because it totally deserved it.

• AND, while looking at the filmography of one of the actors in The Losers, I noticed that he is slated to appear in Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides. AND THERE IS A LITTLE TEASER-Y TRAILER. AND THE MOVIE SEEMS TO HAVE A RELEASE DATE OF MAY 20, 2011. I am making little girly sounds right now.

• Now—or rather, in a little bit—I am going to get in bed with the movie Chloe because it's Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried. And, you know, Julianne Moore. But I'm way more interested in the former two.

• My new Converse arrived. They're tie-dyed. :>

• Anything else I said has totally been washed away by POTC4!!!
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• And then I saw Inception. Oh holy god. I... will need to see that again, obvs. I will also need to scour the internet for Arthur/Eames and Arthur/Ariadne because holy crap Joseph Gordon-Levitt is beautiful now. (So is Cillian Murphy, but he doesn't lend himself to much slash in this movie. Oh well.) I definitely need to see that movie again. And then I will need to own it and make it my own. (And I will definitely need to make sure my work buys it when it comes out on blu-ray and that we play it on our little theater.)

• I definitely need to stop saying "definitely".

• I has my "Keep Calm" poster and my necklace. Now I am waiting for two pairs of shoes to arrive in the mail. And then I am going to stop buying things for a while, I think. My bank account could stand a little stagnation.

• Driving test on Monday. I am... somewhat nervous, I guess. My dad and I went over to MVD—it's in a city an hour away, since the ones in my town are asshats—this morning and drove around in the neighborhood of where I'll be taking my test, and I think I will do all right, so long as I remember to really pay attention. My dad gave me the best compliment ever today while we were driving around: "I'm not nearly as nervous with you driving anymore." Thanks, dad!

• It's hard to be in a new fandom. There's very little fic to read. It's hard waiting around for new Sherlock fics when I wants them now. Luckily, Inception has been out for like... at least a month now, so there should be some fic out there.
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• Today I bought a "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster that was on sale at Allposters.com—as well as Mucha's four seasons, also on sale—and found a place that has a skin for Blackberrys that says "Keep Calm and Carry On" on the back. Aaaand then I remembered that Etsy is my friend. So I bought a necklace with—yeah, you guessed it—"Keep Calm and Carry On" on it for $2.99. I... might have become a little obsessed. So what.

• My new favorite variation is "Freak Out and Break Shit". It cracked me up.

• My dad and I watched Bounty Hunter—that movie with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in it—tonight. It's been a long time since I've seen a movie that bad, and I am counting Clash of the Titans and taking into account the 5 good lines Bounty Hunter had in it. So bad. But it was only $1 to rent. So eh.

• I might need various "Keep Calm" icons. Just sayin'.

• Feeling less fucked up today, but that might only be because I've had less time to think, really. Because...

• I've been rereading some of Lackey's books. There are certainly good moments to them.

• I want a smoothie so badly right now. But it's too late to drink the whole thing, and it would be loud to make it in the blender. Life is hard, obvs. I will just have some limeade instead.

It's definitely time to curl up with my journal and a book. And maybe tonight I won't forget to take my contacts out before I go to sleep.
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• I watched Broken Arrow with my father last night. Oh man. Young Christian Slater as the intrepid hero and Still-Young-Enough-to-be-Hot John Travolta as the Bad Guy. And as officers in the Air Force, and thus in uniform. Already hot men only get hotter once in uniform, I can now tell you all. And the movie was so slashy! I went looking for fanfic this morning, and it seems there is none. This makes me incredibly sad. Perhaps I will have to write some. (Oh yeah, because that'll happen.)

It had such quotational gems like,
"Would you mind not shooting at the thermo-neuclear weapons?"
Vic Deakins (John Travolta): Hale. Pick up. Pick up! C'mon buddy, pick up the 'phone.
Riley Hale (Christian Slater): "Buddy," huh? Son of a bitch, you tried to kill me. The friendship is over.
Vic Deakins: Well that doesn't mean I don't like you!
"I don't know what's scarier, losing nuclear weapons, or that it happens so often there's actually a term for it."

It was awesome. I might have to see if I can download it and keep it forever. Or find it on DVD for cheap.

• Speaking of DVDs, I'm considering buying The Young Victoria on DVD because I still have some of my Amazon birthday gift certificate left. *ponder*

• If I do get that DVD, I'd probably pick up Dragon Soul at the same time, since the Borders here in town are sadly lacking. Stupid stores.

• If I get both the DVD and the book, I will use up my gift card and have to pay 99¢ on my credit card. This made me laugh last night when I figured it out. Worth it? Probably, but I'm still mulling it over.

•Looks like my mother will be returning home in a week. Which is awesome, but means there's some house cleaning to be done in order to ger ready for her. That's not surprising, really. Just tiring. And I have missed her, so it will be nice to have her back.

• I started watching Elizabeth: The Golden Age last night after Broken Arrow. I didn't finish it because I was tired and I wanted to read instead. (The movie reminded me of the dream I had where I was Elizabeth II and Clive Owen as Walter Raleigh was seducing me and protecting me from pirates. Good dream...) That movie has really pretty costumes, no matter that they aren't historically accurate. And Cate Blanchett is a great actress, so it was fun anyway.

• I've moved from the Tortall series to the Circle of Magic Quartet by Tamora Pierce. I hadn't forgotten how much I loved these books, and they are every bit as awesome as I remembered. I'll have to see about getting the ones that come after it... Yay books!
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• I had a dream last night that my cat came back, and her tail (which was crooked) was miraculously straight. Which I knew meant it had to have been broken. D: Then, I woke up and it took me a minute to remember that she hadn't returned. Sadness. And I can't get a new cat until I have a place of my own (because I'm not sure I really trust my parents' house with my animals anymore) and am kind of stable. That could be a long time from now. It makes me even sadder to think that I won't have anything to cuddle for a long time.

• With the Nook and the Kindle doing price battles, I stumbled upon the Kobo. It looks nice. I mean, the Kindle is kind of the biggest thing, because Amazon has the biggest online store (and e-readers are going to inherently be attached to online stores) but I wasn't impressed with the Nook's touch screen and the Kindle is still a bit too pricey for me. But the Kobo? Looks kind of awesome, and we have Borders stores here in Santa Fe—and no B&Ns, so. Anyone hear anything about the Kobo? Good reviews? Bad reviews? Anything?

• I've decided that one way to be less lonely is to start going online more often. I mean, I only get lonelier when I don't make myself available to being contacted. Hopefully I'll be online a little bit more (or, you know, at all) from now on.

• I keep putting off writing in favor of reading—possibly because they're library books and I have to read them and then return them, and possibly because I read quickly and can get through them quickly and then do other things. Either way, I need to do more writing. I keep telling myself, just because it's summer, doesn't mean you can give up budgeting your time wisely. It's not really helping, and my coworkers are giving me werid looks. >.>

• I finally emailed my mother... a minute ago. I am so forgetful and lame. Still, here's hoping that I will here from her soon. It's not even close of business over in NYC yet, so there's a possibility that I'll even hear from her today. :>

• Help me promote [livejournal.com profile] fantasybigbang! Because... you love me, obvs.

• I am liking my haircut more these days. As long as I don't try to put my hair up (which isn't that hard at work, since it's air conditioned and freezing) it looks really nice. I am pleased.

• There's a movie theater here in Santa Fe that seems to have $1 Wednesdays, which even my father can't complain about taking me to "bad" movies (read: movies he doesn't want to see) because it's only $2 for the both of us. He took me to see Clash of the Titans last week, which was super fun. And he couldn't complain because it was only $2. And also because I bought him Junior Mints, which are his favored movie treat. :D We're skipping out tonight to make a delicious dinner, but maybe by next week they'll have some new movies. Or I'll just have to drag my dad to Letters to Juliet. Mwahaha.

And I think that's probably it for today. :D
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I am in New Jersey with Mira and her family. They are lovely, and something like my family at its best, really. So far, we've watched the first few episodes of Sport's Night (a show we've both seen already and love), Sixteen Candles (which I had never seen before but LOVED as predicted), Casanova (yes, the Heath Ledger thing that I also had not seen which, interestingly, the boy who is playing Tristran in the Stardust movie is also in), and then finally Hidalgo (which we've both seen many times, but Viggo Mortensen never fails to distract). (Run on sentence, yay!)

As for tomorrow, all I can say is that there is a) a shower and b) a mall in my future. My mother gave me her credit card and instructions to get clothing (since I don't own any pants that aren't jeans and I don't own any shirts that I could possibly wear in a professional or non-casual setting) and there are convenient malls here in Jersey.

Not to mention the fact that I needed to do laundry. So I ended up bringing my laundry and I am doing it here. Which is very nice of Mira and her family.

Mira's room is amazing. I wish I had this many books. I tend to gather a lot of things which take up space, but Mira's room is filled with books. It's actually amazing. I cannot wait to get all my books back and have them with me all the time. I need my books. It kills me that I have to keep weeding them out and sending them home to Santa Fe to preserve any sense of space in my dorm. (Not that this stops me from buying new books all the time... This is, of course, a bad thing. Which is should stop. But probably won't. -_-;;)

My dad is coming into town Monday night, but I'm not seeing him until Tuesday (due to the jetlag we are estimating that he will have). On Wednesday Mira and her father and my father and I are all having dinner. Before my dad and I got to see Sondheim's Company. I don't know much about this adventure, but I think it will be fun. My dad and I are also seeing an opera (though I cannot remember which one right now... it's in an email he sent me...) and then on Saturday he and I are seeing Tom Stoppard's The Coast of Utopia. All three plays. In one day. I am really excited. I cannot wait. I love Stoppard.

Thank you ladies and gents, this has been a real entry for the first time in a while. We hope you enjoyed it.
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Ok, so. Today's movie tallies are this:

Alexander (2x)
I <3 Huckabees (The last half. I need to see the rest, as what I saw made no sense.)
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

Movie Reviews (Read: Sky's Going to Ramble About These Movies) )

On another note: WEEDS!


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