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• Today it's cold and lazily snowing here in Santa Fe. That's right. It's May 13th, and it's snowing. This place has the weirdest weather.

• This Saturday I'm going to put on a cap and gown and do the whole walking/shaking hands/accepting my "diploma" thing. (The school already mailed me my diploma since I actually finished my course work and all that in Dec. I think it's sort of hilarious that I'm doing this all now, but it is what it is.) Various family is coming, and there will be some juggling of time, but I think it will be a nice time all around. Certainly I'm looking forward to being done with everything concerned with this college.

• I had a job interview today, for a position I'm not entirely sure I applied for but that I'm probably qualified for and which seems like it might be more interesting (and in some ways less anxiety-inducing for me) than the position I think I actually did apply for. I'm pretty sure the people liked me, and I'm pretty sure the interview went well. Think good thoughts for me, internet peoples. I really need something that's going to bring in some money.

• This is the week of season finales on TV. Once Upon A Time ended on Sunday, and had about three minutes of everyone being happy and me crying because it was so beautiful and amazing before all that happiness got stabbed in the face and everything was terrible again. I mean, it was wonderful, but I'm pretty sure my cat is concerned for my well-being now, since I actually screeched in horror. The current seasons of Castle and The Blacklist both ended last night, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will end tonight. Elementary will end this Thursday.

• On the other hand, Game of Thrones is currently in the middle of it's current season, and Da Vinci's Demon's just passed the halfway mark. Plus, Penny Dreadful just started, and Crossbones will begin at the end of the month, so it's not like I won't have anything to watch.

• I'm currently rereading various of the Tortall books by Tamora Pierce. I really love these books. If I ever write YA stuff, I want it to be like these amazing stories, and not have some of the weird tropes that show up in YA these days.

Well, that might be it for now. I need to do some cleaning around my apartment, and I should maybe do that while there's daylight.
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• I watched the entire first season of Arrow in 3 days, all so I can get to the two episodes in the second season with Grant Gustin. Lookit me, waving my nerd flag! All joking aside, it was pretty good. When the second season ends, I'll get my hands on the whole thing and then marathon that, too.

• Other TV I'm currently watching and enjoying for the curious: Once Upon A Time, Game of Thrones, Elementary, Vikings, Da Vinci's Demons, and of course Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

• Stiiiiiiiill looking for a job. I finally got an interview somewhere, and it was a good interview, but I'm genuinely not sure what my chances are? And the guy said he would probably know by Friday (that is, two days ago) so I should probably hear back one way or the other tomorrow. Fingers and other appropriate appendages crossed.

• (If I get a job I can finally get a blu ray player, and then I can actually watch some of the movies I bought when I was with someone who had a PS3.)

• I bought a basil plant from Trader Joe's the other day just so I could have fresh pesto in my life again. I whipped up a batch and it was totally amazing. And the plant is recovering from the fact that I took most of its leaves to make that batch. It's sort of amazing how quickly this plant is growing, actually.

• Speaking of which: it's a really good thing I've kept the plant inside my house, because last night and this morning it fucking snowed. Even though we'd been having nice weather in the 70's, and then BAM! Snow. Weird ass New Mexico weather.
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Argh, more than a month has gone by since I last posted. I was going to be better than this! So, lessee, what's new this month?

• School still goes. So that's not exactly new. I was feeling like I was drowning in homework and work in general last week (and possibly the week before), but I seem to have gotten my head above the water again. I am so incredibly thankful that this is my last semester.

Myth, Archetype, & Fairy Tale is still by far the best and most awesome class. We all have to do a final project, and since the class is mostly filled with Writing Majors most of us are writing. I'm going to be writing a small collection of retold tales. Red Riding Hood the Werewolf Slayer, Maleficent's Curse, the Love Story of Hades & Persephone, Cassandra of Troy: Modern Day Prophetess are all the things that I've sort of got a handle on so far. I want to do something with Captain Hook but I'm not sure what yet. So we'll see. I'm pretty excited.

• J and I moved furniture around the house last week, putting the TV, Wii and cable box in the bedroom and making space for a small desk/work nook in the corner of the living room for me. Both of these changes have made life much easier and more enjoyable in this teensy apartment we call home. Plus, watching movies (like The Lone Ranger, LOL) in our bedroom on the big TV is much nicer.

• I have a doctor's appointment a week from tomorrow! This will be the first time I've seen a doctor (other than the dentist or my optometrist) in much too long. I'm definitely not looking forward to having bloodwork done—tattoos have not exactly made me fond of needles, but I think I might be past the post of spontaneously bursting into tears at even the sight of a syringe—but I am looking forward to having a reliable someone to prescribe birth control (rather than my school nurse) and possible someone to prescribe sleeping pills. This sleeping-poorly bullshit has got to stop.

• Plus, also, I need a doctor's note in order to go to Israel this February. Free trip to Israel because I'm Jewish, woo! I've gotten them everything they need except the doctor's note (because I don't currently have a doctor, whoops) and I really, really hope that the Culinary trip hasn't been filled by the time I get it to them because it seems like that might be one of the only trips I would really enjoy. So, fingers crossed and all that.

• This fall's TV is so far awesome. I'm watching Sleepy Hollow (and hiding from all the scary parts behind my hands), Downton Abbey (how much do I love Mary? a lot!), Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which I am really loving to bits and pieces), Once Upon A Time (which continues to be full of awesomeness and their Peter Pan is my new favorite), Castle (because I can't give up on it now), Masters of Sex (which I am watching entirely because of Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan) and Elementary (because, Sherlock Holmes. duh.)

• On a totally different note: I really dislike how DW's tagging works, in that I really like it when LJ will show you all the tags you have that start with L if you type that in. DW only shows you one option, and since I don't remember all my tags, it's less useful to me. I always have to cross check my tags with LJ when I post here.

ETA: Oh oh oh! One more thing!

• J and I are going to the east coast for the weekend after Thanksgiving! (Which is when my mother's family gets together to celebrate Thanksgiving, since there are six of them, and they all have significant others so they go their separate ways on the actual holiday.) This is exciting because it's going to give us Friday evening and some of Sunday in NYC together. He's going to bring his camera and I'm going to take him to some touristy places and feed him real bagels and real (fake) Chinese food and real pizza. And maybe a falafel sandwich from a cart. And he'll get to meet Aaron on Sunday, and maybe Mira and Em depending on what those two are up to around then. So that's exciting too!

It's a shame y'all over at LJ can't see my awesome Mary/Downton Abbey icon. :p
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New current tallies, I has them.

• Current list of fics I am writing:
1) Prince Caspian AU (440 words, considering writing this for [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang but I has no time)
2) Enchanted Epilogue (370 typed, 200 untyped)
3) Hawaii Five-0 "Mary McGarrett is a BAMF" (1030 words)
4) Star Trek XI Kirk/Spock smut (135 typed, 400+ untyped, last count was an estimate)
5) HP Founders-fic, Before They Were Legends (no change since last count, can't find the notebook I wrote this in, hm)
6) Covert Affairs Joan/Arthur romance/smut (actually 500 words, can't find where I wrote the rest of this down either)
7) Merlin Arthur/Merlin (with actual plot, zomg) (still 100 words)

• Current list of ideas bouncing around in my head:
1) Tangled Epilogue (because I am a nutjob, clearly)
2) Hawaii Five-0 Steve/Danny thing (because I ♥ them)

• Current RP things:
1) [livejournal.com profile] eraofhogwarts
2) Letter thing with [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy
3) Vampire/Demon thing with [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy
4) Abban/Dmitri thing with [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy
5) Medieval knights thing with [livejournal.com profile] girasola

• Current tally of papers:
1) Math paper - DONE
2) Language paper - got extension, will be writing this tonight and tomorrow

• Current tally of TV shows I am watching FOR THE PLEASURE OF IT:
1) Eureka (which I have finally downloaded the second half of S3 and can finish when I get home from work)
2) Angel (alternating between S1 and S5 because I am a doof but I ♥ S5)

• Current tally of movies I watched/am watching/will watch BECAUSE I CAN:
1) Black Swan (tomorrow morning with my father)
2) Possibly Amadeus (because we're studying Don Giovanni in music right now, and I think it's hilarious)
3) Definitely Robin Hood for boning up on knowledge (LOL with me) for RP with Mira.

• Tally of cocktails/drinks I intend to consume between now and the end of the Oscars:
1) Martinis
2) Hot chocolate with Bailey's
3) Rum and coke
4) whatever else my dad provides the alcohol for
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• Current tally of fics I am actively working on:
1) Prince Caspian AU (currently 200 words)
2) Enchanted romance/smut (currently 500 words)
3) Hawaii Five-0 "Mary McGarrett is a BAMF" (currently 700 words)
4) Star Trek XI Kirk/Spock smut (currently 500 words)
5) HP Founders-fic, Before They Were Legends (currently 700 words, none of which have been posted)
6) Covert Affairs Joan/Arthur romance/smut (currently 400 words)
7) Merlin Arthur/Merlin (with actual plot, zomg) (currently 100 words)

• Current tally of RP things I'm (not quite as actively) working on:
1) [livejournal.com profile] eraofhogwarts
2) Letter thing with [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy
3) Vampire/Demon thing with [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy
4) Abban/Dmitri thing with [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy

• Current tally of papers I need to write by the end of the week:
1) Math paper (due tomorrow)
2) Language paper (due Friday)

• Current tally of TV shows I am watching to avoid writing of papers, fics or RPs:
1) Eureka (which I am out of and am trying to download)
2) Angel (started at S1 :D)
3) Hawaii Five-0 (which I am caught up on and so much from my Tumblr now makes sense)

• Current tally of movies I watched/am watching/will watch to avoid writing of papers, fic or RPs:
1) Burlesque
2) King Arthur (even though it stands there and laughs at the myths/legends like a bully on a playground)
3) Blade: Trinity (because Parker Posey and Ryan Reynolds are hot)
4) Black Swan (because I need to watch it before the Oscars this Sunday)

• I bought a DKNY watch today to replace my broken one. It has removable links in the band, but: if I make it tight enough that it doesn't move I have to struggle with the clasp for five minutes every time I need to take it off because it's also tight enough that it doesn't give me a lot of space to work with or I can make it so loose that it flops around. This is the difference of one single link. :/ I think I will also try to get a new battery for my HP watch. Because I loff it and I've never worn it.

• I was feeling a little blue, so I painted my nails blue. I'm feeling a little better about life now. :)

• I trimmed my bangs the other day and I cut them a few millimeters too short. Oh well, at least they'll grow out quick.

• My life, guys. My life.
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• Mom is coming home next week. Only for a few days, but it will be nice to see her. I might go to NYC for spring break—we talked about it briefly last night—so that would be nice. I miss all my friends there! Tomorrow is Mom's birthday and she won't be here for it, but we've planned to talk tomorrow, so that will be nice. I have her gift hidden in my room at the moment, and I will give it to her when she gets home.

• I am still hoping to go to Mexico for winter break, for anyone wondering why I'd be going to NYC in the spring and not in the winter. (It's cold there, it's cold here, all I want is to be warm!) Probably this is something I should starting really planning. I have to see if someone will come with me. I don't think I want to go alone. We'll see.

• NaNoWriMo is... haha. Well, I didn't write at all yesterday, so I'm at the same word count. I've mostly accepted that I'm not going to win this year, but I'll just write as much as I can when my homework isn't too overwhelming, and we'll see how far I get. I should be able to get out a couple thousand words tonight, though. We'll see. :> I like not being pressured about this.

• I have 18 overdue library books. I... should fix this. But I haven't finished reading the ones that I want to read, and I don't really have time to? Well, I'll return them after Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll get some reading done over a short holiday.

• Tomorrow is our last reading from either of the Bibles. I have never read the Christian Bible before, though I have read the Hebrew Bible, and this was sort of an interesting experiment in "Oh, so that's what it's all about." I have... thoughts, on this. But, in the interest of not offending anyone on my flist who is particularly observant, I won't share them with you unless you ask. That being said, my overall feeling is sort of, "Jesus said a lot of good things, and then wtf?" (Full disclosure: I was raised in the Jewish faith, and I'm a history nut and also a liberal, so if you think you might be offending by anything I would say about this, just don't ask. I promise I won't be too harsh if you do, but I can't help but have my own views on things.)

• Speaking of school, we finished translating 'The Bacchae' and we're reading some Nietzsche for next class. Not having to do a translation for class feels like a vacation. THIS IS MY HAPPY FACE, CAN YOU SEE IT?

• I have decided to finally suck it up and download the rest of Merlin season 3 and watch it. Since I now have the space on my computer for it. All I really want is Hawaii Five-0 though. Dad will be giving the most recent episode to me tonight, which I will savor lots. H5-0 Might be my favorite show currently. :> It's so pretty! And, you know, full of slash. (Also need to catch up on: House, Bones, Lie to Me, Haven, and, eventually, Big Bang Theory. Oh, and Glee but... I couldn't care less about that. The plot on that show makes my soul hurt, so I usually end up reading until they start singing again. >.>)

• There was something else I wanted to post about, and I have zero recollection of what it was.
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• Dentist again today. Cavities filled. Happy gas was happy. But... I would like to stop hearing the sound of the drill in my teeth and feeling the drill vibrating my cheekbone. I'm not actually in that much pain—which, you know, considering that they did something with my gums that apparently "will heal over", not much pain is a bonus—but... You know when someone says, "like nails on a chalkboard" and if you've ever heard that sound, you hear it again in your head and it's like it really happened? That's what's going on in my mouth and my "ears" right now. And I seriously want it to stop. :(

• My Halloween Endless group is falling apart! D: We lost our Delirium and our Dream. I think it's sort of important to have at least a Delirium. I mean, she's totally recognizable. We'll have to see what we can do about that. This is my frowny face, though.

• Kay, so, Hawaii Five-0 is awesome. The first episode is like some awesome crossover with Boondock Saints—Is that Norman Reedus talking with a fake accent of some sort about his brother? Why yes, I do believe that it is!—and also Buffy—because holy crap, it turns out Norman Reedus's brother in this is Spike. It's awesome. Also, so much slash in this show, I don't know how it doesn't spontaneously burst into flames with all the gay. Just sayin'.


• Paper to write tonight, and then a paper to write before this weekend starts. D: I wish I had worked on the second one more before now. I wanted to have it done before NaNoWriMo started. So, clearly, my best option is to watch this week's Castle. Tehehe.

• Going now. TV, then papers, then sleep. Dinner in there somewhere. Admire my pretty new H5-0 icon while I'm gone. :>
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• The Secretariat trailer makes me tear up. As does watching any clips of his races on youtube. There is just something about that horse that makes me teary.

• I think I know what I want to write for NaNoWriMo. Now I just need to start constructing the plot a little more, and tweak the characters enough to give me some structure. I'm going to really try and get everything ready for me to write when November rolls around, so that I don't have to worry about the plot too much while I'm writing. Hopefully that will allow me to focus on getting the right number of words on the page. Here's hoping!

• That all being said, how do I reset my nanowrimo.org account? There's gotta be a better way than deleting all of last year's info, right?

• I've decided against doing any sort of holiday fic exchanges this year. I'm only interested in finishing the two fics that I started this summer, and not really looking to write anything other than original stuff for the next little while.

• Not that I really have time these days to do a whole lot of original writing. D:

• So not caught up on any of the TV shows I'm watching, and other shows are starting up again. How will I ever keep up? I did finish watching The Pillars of the Earth though. Which, while it was annoyingly inaccurate with the characters' ages/looks, was really amazing. And it had a song in the soundtrack that we sang during Freshman year music, and then later Euclid came up. I was like, "This is awesome. It's Freshman year come back to haunt me in my TV shows." Still, it was amusing and fun.

• I got an awesome pair of boots at Target last night. And discovered that Revlon is now making their lip stain again. In a different sort of applicator, but still. It's still called Just Bitten though, which amuses me to no end.

• A couple weeks ago I got free tickets to see Lúnasa here in Santa Fe. The show is next weekend, and I am super excited. I am taking my dad. :> Because no one but him could properly appreciate it with me. Here, have a video of my favorite song. I hope they play it.

• There are a bunch of things through the end of the year that are playing/showing/being performed at the local theater that I want to see. And they apparently have awesome student rates, so I might actually go see some of them. Including a "live in HD" showing of Das Rheingold, which is now playing at The Met in NYC. $15 student tickets are kind of way too good to pass up.

• My kitten was playing with a live bird in the living room this morning. I heard from the woman who's cleaning our house and apparently the bird died at some point. I am sorry, little birdy. I was running late, and you scare me, so I didn't rescue you. D:
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• For the first time in four years, I'm living "at home" with my parents. (Just a small clarification, for me home always seems to be where my laptop is.) It's weird. After I went to college the first time, my father emptied out my room and used it for his office. But since my parents' separation (about which I will not be answering any questions or talking about at all) my room has been mine again. And since I refuse to live on campus and pay for shitty food that will make me ill, I am living at home. And making my room mine again. I finally took my father's books out today. There were 15 boxes of them. My journals are on a real shelf again, and not in a box. I put my "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster up over my bed. Tomorrow my mother and I are going to look for a desk, and some curtains to put in front of the shelf I've put my clothes on. I feel sort of like a kid who just got her first room to herself—even though I never had siblings. It's weird. But fun.

• Because I was putting things onto newly cleared shelves and unpacking boxes that I've had in my room ALL SUMMER, I didn't actually get anything done today that I had planned on. Including seminar reading. I definitely need to do some of that before I go to sleep tonight since I only got half of it done yesterday and the reading for tomorrow is the entirety of Exodus. Then for Thursday I will be reading the entirety of Leviticus. It's like they don't know that some people don't read as fast as I do.

• I might have gotten a certain tricksy aspect of my life under control. (Also, my computer knows that "tricksy" is a word. Awesome.) I feel pretty comfortable about it, even though I know it's going to make my super uncomfortable all the time. But as long as I don't do anything stupid—which is the reason I've come to this conclusion really, as I think it will help protect me from doing anything stupid—I will be less uncomfortable in the long run. I hope. (Whoo, cryptic post is cryptic.)

• I've started taking diphenhydramine hydrochloride (tl;dr = Bendryl) to help me sleep. It's kind of awesome. It doesn't make me drowsy at all, but once I fall asleep, it keeps me asleep. I started taking it right about the same time I started school—so that I would be rested for classes—but before that I was having trouble sleeping through the night. I'd wake up every couple of hours and then drift off again, but I would never get enough sleep to be rested. Now, I wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready for the day. It's nice. Next time I have a break, I'll go off it and see if I can sleep again, but since it's non-addictive (except in the sense that I don't really want to stop taking it in case I don't sleep well when I don't) I don't feel too bad about taking it to help. Sleep is awesome.

• I'm going to start thinking about and plotting my NaNoWriMo pretty soon. Since I'd like to keep up with it even though I'll be in school, I need to prepare as much as I can before hand. And I need to not tell my parents I'm doing it. They want me to focus more on school this year than last—and I totally am—but I think I can do both with enough planning and preparation. If it starts looking like I can't do both, I will absolutely drop NaNoWriMo without any hesitation, and I feel pretty good that I know that and am prepared for it if I have to. Yeah, no idea what I'm going to write. (At the writing of this part of this entry, Fleetwood Mac's "Running Through The Garden" came on and it made me think about the story that I wrote based on it, and how bad it was, and how it might make a good novel, so there's something. We'll see.)

• Nyx is getting bigger and playing with everything—including my hair while I try to cuddle her!—and is just overall adorable. We're going to have to take her to the vet, something we knew we had to do after adopting her, but one of her eyes is kind of oozy, and I don't want Hank to catch an eye infection if that's what Nyx has. I've been cleaning her eye out periodically throughout the day and kind of keeping watch, and yeah, it's definitely a vet issue. Poor kitten. Vet will probably be a whole new traumatic event, and she was just getting bolder and friendly. After going to the vet, she'll probably not let us touch her for a few days. (Which she will just have to get over if she has to have drops put into her eyes for a little while. Poor kitten!)

• Long post is long!

• I'm all caught up on Covert Affairs, White Collar, and Burn Notice. (What? USA's shows are awesome, ok? I haven't finished watching the first season of Royal Pains or I'd be all caught up on that too.) I have to download the last few eps of The Pillars of the Earth and catch up on that. I need me some medieval England.

• I helped teach blues dance last week, and then did a private lesson during the free dance, and totally got told that I'm an awesome teacher. If I didn't get horrible stage fright, I would totally do more dance teaching. I kind of have no idea who's going to be helping out the real teacher when he gets back into town, but... I kind of hope it's me. I could use some practice if it gets left to me to teach next year. (WHO KNOWS.) Still, I'm looking forward to another year of awesome blues dancing.

• And once I get a car I will be able to go to all the events I want! Car is totally in the works. If calling strangers wasn't one of the things that scares me the most, I would have called some of them today. But... yeah. Phones are bad enough, add in strangers, and possibly leaving strangers a message... yeah, this is me shaking in my proverbial boots. Plus, I have no idea what to ask about when I call someone about the car they're selling on Craigslist. My dad wants to me to call them, and if we just ignore the fact that that would scare me witless, I'm not going to know if the problem with their car is minor or major. My dad's like, call them and ask them the questions, to which I just sort of go, "About what? The fuck do I know about this?" Anyway, there's this cute little Saturn that I like, which doesn't have power windows (or, I suspect, locks) which makes me crack up a little. But as long as the windows roll up and down and the heat and the AC work, I'm ok with that. There are a bunch of other cars that I have my eye on, but this little Saturn is adorable. (And, since that's totally how I judge cars, my dad should know better than to make me try and evaluate the cars!)

• And... I think it's time for me to finish clearing off my bed and then get into it with my Torah. I need to read at least 70 pages before I go to sleep tonight.

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• I have inception icons! And, as long as I am getting off my ass and putting up new icons—I'm only at 74 of 134, yike—I'm going to be adding Sherlock and Merlin and Star Trek XI icons asap. Because those are the things that I am like, "Man, why don't I have any icons for this?"

• Oh god, driving test in 3 days.

• I have a headache.

• I am going to start watching The Pillars of the Earth tonight. I have the first three episodes, and Eddie Redmayne is in it and he's adorable, so. Plus, I am a HUGE medieval England fan—particularly Eleanor of Aquitaine, and this seems to be about the events that will lead to Henry II becoming king. I am excited.

• I will also watch whatever my Hulu queue has for me.

• And in the midst of finding new icons and watching TV, I have to clean the house. My mother comes home tomorrow, and I won't have a chance to do any cleaning tomorrow before she gets home. So. Tonight it is. Luckily, I napped this morning—between getting home from the 8am staff meeting at 10:30am and leaving again for work at 1:30pm—so I am not exhausted. I WILL CLEAN ALL THE THINGS.

• And, though I will doubtless be unsuccessful—not the least because my subconscious is fucking with me—I will keep trying to forget. And when that doesn't work, I will put myself so far out there, that I will either be caught, or I will shatter. Either way.
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• I got stuck in Denver. Ok, somewhere between Colorado Springs and Denver. About 20 miles from our destination on Friday, my the front left wheel of my dad's car started making CLUNK-CLUNK-GRIND noises, and just when we thought it couldn't get worse, it started sounding like things were falling off the car. I was riding in fear for my life for a little while there. Anyway, it turned out all right, I'm alive, car's being fixed, and we're only here two days longer than expected.

• I'm reading Nora Robert's book Black Hills and I'm having trouble getting into it. Normally, this is not so much of a problem. Actually, the beginning was good. But now that the actual plot is getting underway, I'm like, "Why is this so hard to read?" And then I hit on it. The reason. The main female character is annoying as fuck. Holy crap, I loathe her interactions with the main male character, because she's ungrateful and annoying and bitchy, when he's being concerned for her life. Lesson one, ladies: it might be annoying when your old flame tries to keep you from being killed, but shut up and let the man do it. Geez.

• I should write something instead of distracting myself from the Nora Roberts with Arthur/Merlin fanfiction. You know, I should be productive instead of being a lazy bum.

• Our hosts here in Colorado had like.... 25 avocados here, and most of them are ripe and I've been eating them constantly with their blessing. It's delicious. Avocados are some of my favorite food, and we almost never have them. But apparently our hosts got a good deal on avocados, and are pleased to let me eat away at them. There was guacamole the first night, and avocado on toast for almost every other meal since. DELICIOUS.

• There are TV shows that will be starting soon that I am seriously looking forward to. White Collar will be starting in like... a day. And the series premier Covert Affairs is either right before that or right after that. Which looks seriously awesome. Haven I guess has started, as I found it on Hulu last night and watched the first episode. It was good enough to continue watching it. I don't know what else there is, but if there's more I'm probably looking forward to it.

• Still pretty much walking on air. Being in Denver for the whole weekend has put a slight dampener on it all, but it's still there. Things are still delightful.


Sep. 10th, 2005 10:29 pm
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Why did I not watch this show before? I missed like... half of the first season. But damn, it's good. I love Mary Louise Parker. She's awesome. And it's hilarious, and serious at the same time. And then half the people are high on weed! So funny!

So... Lost, Weeds, and House are the shows I'll be watching this year. Hee!

( Gotta love how I plan these things. )


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