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Argh, more than a month has gone by since I last posted. I was going to be better than this! So, lessee, what's new this month?

• School still goes. So that's not exactly new. I was feeling like I was drowning in homework and work in general last week (and possibly the week before), but I seem to have gotten my head above the water again. I am so incredibly thankful that this is my last semester.

Myth, Archetype, & Fairy Tale is still by far the best and most awesome class. We all have to do a final project, and since the class is mostly filled with Writing Majors most of us are writing. I'm going to be writing a small collection of retold tales. Red Riding Hood the Werewolf Slayer, Maleficent's Curse, the Love Story of Hades & Persephone, Cassandra of Troy: Modern Day Prophetess are all the things that I've sort of got a handle on so far. I want to do something with Captain Hook but I'm not sure what yet. So we'll see. I'm pretty excited.

• J and I moved furniture around the house last week, putting the TV, Wii and cable box in the bedroom and making space for a small desk/work nook in the corner of the living room for me. Both of these changes have made life much easier and more enjoyable in this teensy apartment we call home. Plus, watching movies (like The Lone Ranger, LOL) in our bedroom on the big TV is much nicer.

• I have a doctor's appointment a week from tomorrow! This will be the first time I've seen a doctor (other than the dentist or my optometrist) in much too long. I'm definitely not looking forward to having bloodwork done—tattoos have not exactly made me fond of needles, but I think I might be past the post of spontaneously bursting into tears at even the sight of a syringe—but I am looking forward to having a reliable someone to prescribe birth control (rather than my school nurse) and possible someone to prescribe sleeping pills. This sleeping-poorly bullshit has got to stop.

• Plus, also, I need a doctor's note in order to go to Israel this February. Free trip to Israel because I'm Jewish, woo! I've gotten them everything they need except the doctor's note (because I don't currently have a doctor, whoops) and I really, really hope that the Culinary trip hasn't been filled by the time I get it to them because it seems like that might be one of the only trips I would really enjoy. So, fingers crossed and all that.

• This fall's TV is so far awesome. I'm watching Sleepy Hollow (and hiding from all the scary parts behind my hands), Downton Abbey (how much do I love Mary? a lot!), Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which I am really loving to bits and pieces), Once Upon A Time (which continues to be full of awesomeness and their Peter Pan is my new favorite), Castle (because I can't give up on it now), Masters of Sex (which I am watching entirely because of Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan) and Elementary (because, Sherlock Holmes. duh.)

• On a totally different note: I really dislike how DW's tagging works, in that I really like it when LJ will show you all the tags you have that start with L if you type that in. DW only shows you one option, and since I don't remember all my tags, it's less useful to me. I always have to cross check my tags with LJ when I post here.

ETA: Oh oh oh! One more thing!

• J and I are going to the east coast for the weekend after Thanksgiving! (Which is when my mother's family gets together to celebrate Thanksgiving, since there are six of them, and they all have significant others so they go their separate ways on the actual holiday.) This is exciting because it's going to give us Friday evening and some of Sunday in NYC together. He's going to bring his camera and I'm going to take him to some touristy places and feed him real bagels and real (fake) Chinese food and real pizza. And maybe a falafel sandwich from a cart. And he'll get to meet Aaron on Sunday, and maybe Mira and Em depending on what those two are up to around then. So that's exciting too!

It's a shame y'all over at LJ can't see my awesome Mary/Downton Abbey icon. :p
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Well hey, lookit this. An update!

• It's Friday the 13th! (/makes spooky noises) Yeah, whatever. I don't actually think that this day is cursed or bad luck or what-have-you. 13 is a perfectly nice number, and considering that the 10th of this month is my divorced parents' anniversary and then the 11th is, well, September 11th, 13 is a nice change.

• School continues apace. Classes are going well so far. I have a bunch of homework for this weekend, which probably means less video gaming. Oh well. I don't want to fall behind in this, my last semester. Gaming can continue one I have a degree in my hand.

• Still haven't re-upped my DW paid account, but I'm totally going to. But speaking of that, though, where do I find icons these days? It used to be that if you wanted icons, you went and searched for communities for that thing on LJ and there would be tons of icons. Not so much anymore. I want to swap some icons out when I re-up my paid account, but this (of course, duh) will mean getting new icons that match my current interests. But now I have no idea where to find icons.

• J is in a job flux at the moment. It's actually nice. We're not stressed about money (for now) so I'm hoping he'll be able to find something that he enjoys doing, rather than working at GameStop and being stressed out because, oh yeah, they keep getting robbed at gunpoint.

• Other than school things, no writing is happening in my life at the moment. It's a little bit annoying. It would probably be more annoying, except that I keep having good ideas for a novel that's been percolating in my head for a while now, and they mostly mean I'm going to have to do some research for the form of the novel before I can even begin to put words down on the page. And then, because my head is sort of in that novel's space, I can't seem to get it to focus on anything else that I might be able to write. Something needs to be done about this.

I guess that's about it.
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• So, school started again. Yesterday. That's a thing. I am reservedly excited, or perhaps just content, with my schedule and classes for this (MY LAST) semester. It's light enough to allow me a life outside school, but involved enough and interesting enough to keep me entertained enough to get through it with relative ease. Or at least, that's the working theory. Classes this semester are:
» Myth, Archetype, & Fairy Tale: By far my most exciting class (for me). Also, I seem to be my teacher's go-to person to answer things she can't remember well enough to explain. Which is to say, I explained the plot of Reign of Fire, Elektra's actual role in Greek myth and why "Elektra Complex" is inaccurate mythologically speaking, what the Greek word eidos means, and what little I knew of Mithraism. This is my field, okay? I have feelings, and I will not be ashamed.

» The Writer in the World: Didn't know what this class was until this morning, but I guess it's sort of just about exploring our writing, and what writing can be, and where writing (and language) came from and how it effects us as writers. I guess. Idk. It's an interesting group of people (about 10 I think, of which I am one of four fiction writers, that's so weird to me) and a fun teacher, so it should be interesting and fun at the very least.

» Intermediate Poetry: I don't know if I ever mentioned, but my academic advisor used to really annoy the crap out of me. I wouldn't get complete answers from her or she would send me form emails that 99% didn't apply to me, numbers (like, this one time, how many credits I would need to graduate) would change, and I once had to give her the same answer three times in a row before it seemed to penetrate that the words I was saying were actually an answer to her question. All of this is to say that this advisor (who is no longer with the school, gee I wonder why) failed to mention that my last four credits not only needed to be an Upper Division course, but they also needed to be in a writing genre that wasn't one of the two I had chosen to "specialize" in. So that's how I ended up in this class. Same teacher as Writer in the World so I'm hoping that I will be able to deal with poetry (and, let's face it, my fear of it) because he's awesome and fun.
• Every time I read a school book on my Kindle I love it a little bit more. I recently swapped my mom my Kindle (the one with the keyboard) for a Paperwhite, and I love it a lot. Like, "I want to keep it at my side and in sight at all times just in case" a lot.

• General writing wisdom tells the writer to put a draft away for a bit (if the writer has the time and isn't being crushed by a deadline) before coming back to revise it, in order to get fresh(er) eyes. I think this sounds like a great idea. So the rough draft is with some readers, and now I am thinking about what I want to write for the next little while.

• Read: I'll be starting the next novel sometime soon. Ideally sometime this week. Idk what it is, yet, but I'm definitely starting it.

• If you haven't been watching HBO's The Newsroom, you should totally get on that. Because even though this season's plot is sort of meh, the writing and the characters are amazing. (It's Aaron Sorkin, and I know you all know that I worship at the altar that is Aaron's Sorkin's TV writing, but seriously. Watch the damn show. P.S. Sloan Sabbith.)

• I made almond milk and cashew milk last week. Tasty and easy and, particularly, dairy free. I'm going to try making my own coconut milk this week, and here's hoping it's just as tasty and easy because shredded coconut is actually cheaper than almonds and cashews. By a lot. I'm also going to try making my own granola bars, since it is apparently easy and could produce a healthier and cheaper alternative to the store bought ones. (And bulk rolled oats are like 69¢/lb at the store. Super cheap.)

• I've been having a weird breathing/swallowing issue today. Which I have been ignoring because doctors what are those. (But if it gets any worse or weirder I'll totally go to the school nurse.) Mostly I think it's just because my body isn't used to getting up before noon anymore and it's protesting. And my ankle was aching today after I got home. I might have pulled something in it a little yesterday. My body is falling apart. Seriously. I'm too young for this crap.

• Huh. DW paid account expired... sometime. I'll re-up it sometime in the coming month for all the icons that I love and can't do without.
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Weighing in at 132 pages, 40,504 words: the (extremely rough) finished first draft of my novel.

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Less than a month has gone by and I'm posting again already? Is the world ending? What's going on?

Nah, it's just me and time on my hands.

• I gave my LJ a new look. I like it, though the names on my friends list are light gray and really hard to read, so idk about that. Still, it's pretty and summery. So I am satisfied.

• To use a horse racing metaphor: I’m rounding the far turn and coming into the home stretch down towards the wire. That is, I've hit the climax, so now I just have to resolve it all, and then finish things. Actually, I should be done (by which I mean the whole plot will be laid in, even if there will be extensive revisions) by the end of this month. Which is exciting! I've never finished a novel before! Short stories, yes, though those are few and far between.

• And once I finish with the first draft, I'm going to start revisions. Part of my Independent Study this summer is revisions, which makes sense. The way I've always written my academic papers was to just start writing and write through the end, then once I was done go back to the beginning and make the beginning jive to how the paper ended. Which is similar to how this book is turning out.

• At least it's working, though! Writing novels! Funtimes.

• I'm catching up on TV shows, podcasts, movies, and audiobooks. I can knit while I do all these things, which I haven't been doing much of lately. Not for any real reason except that so many of the things I do can't be done at the same time as anything else. Like... I can't write (either on the computer (typing) or in a notebook) and knit at the same time. I would need four arms. And I can't read and listen to a podcast at the same time and pay attention to both.

• Speaking of audiobooks: I finished Fellowship of the Ring recently and started Two Towers. It's an interesting exercise. And I would watch Fellowship of the Ring in pretty pretty Blu Ray, but we got rid of our PS3 (because we never used it unless I was watching a movie that wasn't on my computer) and we haven't replaced it yet with a Blu Ray player. But we will! And then all the prettiness will be mine.

Lol, that awkward moment when you find a window hiding behind the one you've been using and find a finished but unposted journal entry. It's easily been 4 hours since I wrote this. I think I'm done now.
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Yep, looks like it's time for my monthly update.

• Writing continues apace! Not quite as much as I'd like, but I got stuck at one point and I thought I could skip ahead, but I realized that I'd gotten to the point of the story where the thing I skipped that I wasn't sure about was highly relevant to the rest of the story. So I sat on my butt and thought about it for a long time, and then forged ahead. So. Now I am trying to figure out how the climax of the story is going to work.

• On the other hand, I've been called up for jury duty and I have to report bright and early tomorrow morning, so I foresee plenty of time sitting around waiting for whatever to happen where I can be writing (since my first draft is entirely handwritten in a notebook). On the other other hand, I'm leaving for Phoenix at stupid o'clock Weds. morning and that's one of the days that I'm supposed to report, so... I mean, I'm not just going to not go to Phoenix and not see Neil Gaiman. I'll tell them I can come in some other time if they really, really want me to be screened as a juror. (LOL, I hate people, I would be the worst juror ever.)

• I've been trying to keep up with my knitting too. The things that I'm working on right now is a giant blanket in sock yarn (see: tiny) and a sweater for autumn/winter. But I can only seem to do a row at a time before I have to put it down and do something less complicated. Which is ridiculous, since nothing I'm doing on either (at the moment) is all that complicated. (The sweater will get more complicated soon, but I am not worried.) It's sort of annoying, actually.

•And speaking of knitting: I usually listen to audiobooks when I knit because it's enough like reading that it sort of feels like I'm managing to read and knit at the same time. And I'm one chapter away from the end of Fellowship of the Ring which is amazing! But... there are other things to do while knitting right now. Like... watch The Vampire Diaries (more on that in a moment). This would be so much easier if there were a dozen of me with like... a hivemind. I could read and knit and write and watch movies and surf the internet all at the same time. (Not to mention the fact that I could write a dozen books at the same time. I could be stupid prolific.)

• And according to the security at the court house, I can't even bring my knitting because the needles will probably be seen as a potential weapon! (I mean, my plan is to write, but I could have used that time in other ways, too.)

• Anyway, hah, yeah, The Vampire Diaries. I like it slightly better than Teen Wolf since the only saving grace of the latter is Dylan O'Brien. At some point I will make myself watch it, but right now I'm all about the vampires and their dumbass shenanigans.

• Speaking of werewolves and vampires and writing, though... Ever notice how, when you have a deadline on a particular thing (i.e.: my novel), a zillion other things you could be doing instead suddenly fill your mind? I have actually had three dreams (so far) this summer that I've thought, "I need to use this in a book." But I can't actually take the time to fiddle with them right now, because I really need to focus on the one thing. It's frustrating. I say this in relation to werewolves because two of those ideas have been wolf-related (though not necessarily werewolf related). Apparently my dreaming mind loves wolves. Not that I'm complaining.

That's basically what's been going on. Ugh, getting up early tomorrow.
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Today's various and sundries:

• I'm home from my trip. I mean, I have been for like... a week. But I thought I ought to point it out.

• I'm writing! Since my project this summer is to finish my novel (which I am getting school credit for, so extra win) I need to be writing about 500 words a day to bump my total word count up by about 40k words. So far I haven't been keeping a regular daily word count, but I've been binge-writing. I wrote 5 pages (handwritten, about 320 words per page) yesterday, and I'm about to get ready to sit down with it today. So that's fun.

• For those who actually care for the occasional insight into whatever I might be doing at the moment, you might check out my Tumblr, where I post about whatever TV show I happen to be watching, pictures of my cat, random thoughts, and random reblogged fandom-type things. Just, you know, in case you're curious. I definitely post there more than I post here.

• (Hm, I really need to start my writing blog up again over there. I should sit down and see if I can make a plan for that.)

• Now that school is over I'm reading again! This is marvelous. I'm starting with the newest Mercy Thompson book, Frost Burned, which so far is great. The POV is switching up a little in it, which is really interesting since the new POV is an interesting character. So yeah. The Mercy Thompson series and the October Daye series are my two favorite Urban Fantasy series, so I am really happy to start my summer reading off with something that is so dear to me.

• Plus, reading Urban Fantasy novels like this help me get back into the headspace for writing my own Urban Fantasy novel. (Did I mention that my novel is an Urban Fantasy type thing? I can't remember. But if I didn't, well, now you know.)

• J and I have plans to go to Phoenix in late June for Neil Gaiman's book tour. (It was either Phoenix or Denver, and J has family in Phoenix, so we're making a mini vacation out of it.) Apparently this is Gaiman's Last Book Tour Ever, so of course I have to see him and get the new book and have it signed. And it's a chance for my boyfriend to experience "my world" in a way.

That might actually be it for now. I ought to go write.
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I'm in Denver! And I found a free wifi thingy! Yay! This is my celebratory icon.

• Except for one script I have to revise and another really short one I have to write all before midnight tonight, school is done for the semester. Whoo!

• Let summer vacation ensue! (Also the warms. I'm done with wintery weather now. Give me some warms.)

• I'm on my way to the east coast for a few days for a family thing. And I will briefly get to see some friends before I fly back. So that is really nice.

Yeah, that's all there is. Back to editing the aforementioned script.
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This month's post, because I always think I should.

• School is school. But it's almost done for the semester, and then I only have one left. So that's kind of neat. I think I actually wrote some good stuff this semester, so that's a bonus too. Some of that I can edit into a shape that might be useable for publishing. So I guess we'll see.

• Speaking of school, next week is kind of hectic. A bunch of things I had sort of vaguely planned for "the future" all ended up in the same week, and all next week. Yikes.

• Camp NaNoWriMo is not really happening. I got about 1200 words, and then life caught up. Even those words were really hard since I was trying to force them into third person from first. I might be able to find the time to get some more words down, but I am positive I won't meet my 15k word goal. Bleh.

• J got a nice desktop gaming computer and gave me his MacBook Pro because my MacBook was dying. It's nice having a computer that actually does what I tell it to do and with some relative quickness. Also: lighted keyboard!

Meh, life is pretty boring these days, so that's it.
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• Well, I heard back from Clarion West, and alas I was not accepted. I don't think I had any real expectations either way, but it was still a disappointment.

• Though, that makes my summer plans sort of neat. I'll be working with one of my teachers and finishing my novel (for school credit even!). Mostly because she wants to read the rest of it. Which is really encouraging.

• J bought me a yoga DVD the other day, and I did a 20 minute yoga session on it yesterday. Which left me so sore, holy crap. It was just the intro stuff! My sides, my lower abs, and the back of my thighs protest just about every movement I take. I mean, I guess that means it worked, but still. Ow. I will absolutely be doing more just as soon as I am a little let ouchie.

• I get to register for fall classes pretty soon. One of my teachers (the same one I'll be working with this summer) is teaching a lit class called (something like) "Myth, Archetype, and Fairytales" which I will absolutely be taking. Jung and Campbell! And a little bit of writing, to make it super interesting.

• I might also be working with a different teacher on another novel as an independent study next semester. Because I'd like to have a few finished things by the time I graduate in Dec. so that means I actually need to write. And why not get credit for it (especially when there aren't any other interesting classes and I need a certain number of credits)? Not yet sure what I'll work on. I suppose whether or not I want to write my current novel's sequel will depend a lot on how I feel after I've finished it this summer.

• I am planning on pounding out some words for the April session of Camp NaNoWriMo. Not a whole novel's worth, but probably the beginning of something. I have a thing I'm excited about, so I'll be working on that.

• I discovered that books that I find too boring to actually read can be listened to while I knit. So I am exactly half way through listening to The Fellowship of the Ring on audiobook. (Or at least, I'm about to start "Book Two" of it, which is right after the ringwraiths get their butts handed to them by the river.) I have the other two Lord of the Rings books for after that, and also Frank Herbert's Dune and The Mists of Avalon for when those are done. Because I need to have these things in my general knowledge, but I haven't ever been able to get through them. Audiobooks are a happy solution to this problem! I'm planning on getting some Jane Austen, too.

• J also got me the extended edition Lord of the Rings collection on blu ray, too. So my present to myself for having finished "reading" The Fellowship of the Ring will probably be to watch it in beautiful HD.

Yeah, that's it. I love this icon.
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Last night I:

• sent in my application to Clarion West;

• also sent a short story to a New Writer's contest.

So, uh... Fingers crossed and wish me luck and all that?
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Oh my god, has it really been a month and a half since I last updated my online journals? What even, self? (Good thing that wasn't really one of my Resolutions for 2013. I would have been failing it pretty hard already.) So, lessee, what's been going on in my life lately...

• School started, and is going pretty well. Writing is happening for it, which is good in general. I'm taking Advanced Fiction, Intermediate Screenwriting, and a required class called Senior Reading which is my favorite thing ever, as it turns out.

• My screenwriting teacher wants me to write the pilot for a sitcom rather than attempt writing a feature length film script, which is ridiculous because, how do I funny? No seriously. Humor is strange to me. However, I'm shamelessly ripping off of the year that [personal profile] inthebookfort and I lived together, so I have some recorded quotes from there that I can use. But alas, I am not Aaron Sorkin, so who knows.

• I turned in my second story for workshop in Advanced Fiction this past Monday, and I have one more due later in the semester. And I'll have to revise one of the three for the end. The story that I turned in Monday wasn't complete, and I'm not sure I captured the tone I was going for, but at least I got out most of the story's skeleton. That might be the thing I choose to revise, depending on what the parameters of the next story are. So.

• Senior Reading is interesting because there are five of us, the seniors that are getting ready to graduate (three this May and two of us in December) and we're compiling a manuscript of our work to be published into a book by Lulu.com. We also have to do a reading in the middle of the semester (hence the name of the course) but the book is the bulk of the work right now. We have to work with a graphic designer (a student at the school who's getting credit for this just like us) on the covers and all the typesetting and all of that. It's supposed to be a crash course on how publishing (sort of) works. So that's actually pretty interesting.

Hm, other than that? What else is going on...

• Still writing. The bulk of my book for Senior Reading will be an excerpt of my current novel, which is still chugging right along. I'm actually learning things about how I like to write as I write this thing, so that's kind of cool.

• Oh, also for Senior Reading: we're supposed to do this... essay thing... where we meditate on writing? The teacher wasn't all that clear on what it was supposed to be, since we are allowed to pick the type of format it ends up in. She said that it could be a traditional essay if that's what we wanted, or it could be more like a lyric essay, or it could focus on an aspect of writing, or a specific author, or things that inspire us... Yeah, it wasn't all that clear. But since it was supposed to be (sort of) about how our inspiration works, and a lot of what inspires me is music (or otherwise not just language) I suggested that maybe I could do something on Tumblr. My teacher loved the idea, so I'm now keeping a sort of curated multimedia museum of things that inspire me and how over on Tumblr: This Commonplace Book. I think it's sort of turning out to be an Author's Blog type of thing, which is kind of an interesting thought, since I've been wondering how I was going to do that in the future. Whatever I end up doing when I am An Author might be sort of like this, I think. Anyway, feel free to check that out. I think that it's best viewed when you use the links at the bottom left, filtering it by week.

• Also, I'm applying to Clarion West this year. Neil Gaiman and Ellen Datlow will be teaching there this year, so it's sort of too good of an opportunity to pass up. Wish me luck.

And that's all there is for now!
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Since it's past midnight, it is officially the last day of 2012.

In 2012, I...:

♥ ...began dating The Boyfriend, henceforth known as J, and fell in love;
♥ ...got a fat cat named Dimitri;
♥ ...moved into an apartment with J;
♥ ...wrote a mediocre short story, 2 lousy scripts, and some awful non-fiction for school;
♥ ...started a novel that I actually think I'll finish and will be publishable;
♥ ...knit a scarf and 2 hats;
♥ ...read 63 books (possibly 64, depending on how I do with the "currently reading" list);
Which isn't bad, really. The only one of my "resolutions" from last year that I managed to accomplish is "get a boyfriend" which is sort of hilarious to me. (Though I wrote those resolutions after I met him, but before we started dating.)

• Oh, also: I saw The Hobbit! I thought it was wonderful! There were a bunch of things that actually really struck me as fantastic, but the main ones were the references to the Lord of the Rings movies. Also, I liked that it was different, since The Hobbit is a different story. I have all sorts of feelings, and I can't wait for the next movies. And all the extended edition DVDs.

I don't really have any resolutions for 2013 beyond: write (finish a first draft of this novel), love, live. And graduate. I get to finish school in December of 2013. So that's a big one.

Hopefully 2013 will be a good year. I've got my fingers crossed.
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I want to send you a holiday card! Text below will ensure that I know who I'm sending cards to and all that. So please use it! Comments are, of course, screened.

Yay holiday cards!
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• I hope everyone had a good Turkey Day. I myself spent most of it with the Boyfriend and his mother, who made us a fantastic feast (and then sent most of the turkey home with us). I also got to play him at Mario Kart, where we discovered that I sort of suck at fake driving. I did improve slightly over the few races we played, though, so I suppose there's hope for me yet.

• I seem to have wrenched my neck in the night, and every time I think I've figured out where it's safe to hold my head so that I won't be in pain, the pain attacks. I would lay down and and hope that the pillow would work some sort of magic, but I actually have school work that I really need to get done before Monday. Still, ow.

• Since Turkey Day has passed, Holiday cards are now relevant. I'll be posting a call for addresses probably tomorrow. Keep an eye out, and give me your addresses so I can send you a card. :)

• I only have four more week of this semester. I am excite.

• I was very fail this NaNoWriMo and thus this year will still not be my year to win. Not entirely unexpected, but I did actually get a good novel idea out of this year, and most of the details for it. I am looking forward to writing more of it and hopefully finishing it. It's actually something that I could see being published. And with sequels! So that's sort of neat, too!

• (I ought to get a mood theme for my DW journal.)
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• I haven't posted since the end of July. Which means 3 whole months have passed since the last time I posted. I haven't been totally absent though. I still read my flist and even occasionally comment on things. But apparently my life is pretty uninteresting even to me these days.

• NaNoWriMo has started. I had a plan and a whole outline for what I was going to write. Or at least a general sort of outline for how the story was going to go. But then at midnight on Nov. 1 I got all panicked and decided I didn't want to write that and I don't have a back up, so I'm trying to figure out something new to write all in the next day or so in order not to miss too many days. None of my other novels-in-progress are anywhere close to being workable for this. Which is a pain in the ass, really, since it means I have to come up with something new and fully fleshed our and soon.

• In a sort of subscript to the above, I've figured out the sort of things I want to write in general, but I don't know how I want to do them yet, so knowing that now isn't really helpful at all for NaNoWriMo. (On the plus side, I can now work on really figuring that out and maybe I'll have a start on it by the time I graduate and can start trying to publish shortly thereafter. I know there's no real reason I couldn't br trying to get published before I graduate, but that seems like too much for my brain to deal with, honestly.) Still, it's nice to have a (slightly more specific than it used to be) idea of the sort of writer I want to be.

• Also: Storying is hard.

• At the beginning of October, the Boyfriend and I moved into an apartment of our own. Which is nice because it's our space and not my mom's, and also because it's not super inconvenient to get to anything. It's nice and close to my school, to my dad, and to everything we actually need to be close to. Thus convenient.

• We also got a new bed, which has led to better sleep for the both of us, so that's awesome.

• Ugh. NaNoWriMo. I must think about that now and continue to forget that I even have an online journal.
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Since the last time I posted, I...:

♣ ... finished Rosemary and Rue and its four sequels (A Local Habitation, An Artificial Night, Late Eclipses and One Salt Sea)—and really enjoyed them. Waiting for the next book—it comes out in September. Don't yet know what I'll be reading between now and then.
♣ ... adopted a cat. His name is Dimitri (because he's at least part Russian Blue and that was the first Russian name I thought of) and is fat and talkative and hopefully happy. (Technically this happened before the last time I posted, not since, but I didn't mention it in my last post, idk why.) He has very pretty light green (jade-colored almost) eyes. Eventually we'll get him a girlfriend and name her Anastasia—because it makes me LOL mostly.
♣ ... checked my school account and discovered that the last class without a listed teacher finally has one and that all my classes finally have their book lists on the school bookstore. None of the books look like they might cause me to drown myself in the nearest water source (the sink) so I'm tentatively hoping this semester won't either.
♣ ... stopped writing in my paper journal entirely. Bad Sky, bad!
♣ ... let my paid account here on DW expire because I am le broke. I plan on re-upping it as soon as I can, but at least the way that DW cuts back on your icons doesn't make zero sense at all LJ I'm looking at you, so that's nice.
That's about it. I'm boring these days.
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• It's been about 2 months since I last posted. Jeez. Obviously it's time to update this thing.

• Though, really. Not a whole lot is going on. Life is, in general, pretty good.

• A while ago, I found out someone who used to be a very close friend of mine got engaged. Today I found out that not only did they set a date for the wedding but they've sent out invitations and I didn't get one. This makes me very sad. Even though I am still happy for them.

• I stopped reading for a while, but then I picked it back up again and I am happily working my way through Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire, and it's reminding me that I really like faeries and the stories that can be told with them. I also picked up Anne Rice's The Mummy or Ramses the Damned, which I'm mostly enjoying, mostly when the author stops trying to prove that she did her Ancient Egyptian research.

• I also got a whole bunch more books that I am anxious to read. The problem with the Kindle is that my unread books take up no physical space and don't physically remind me that they are there and waiting to be read. That means I'm now free to accumulate as many unread books as I please, so long as I have the computer space to store them. I think this is probably dangerous for me.

• Speaking of Kindles though, I gave my dad a Kindle for Father's Day and he loved it. He actually said that it was the best Father's Day ever, which makes me happy because I both got him a present that he really loves and can use, and because Father's Day was spent with both my dad and the Boyfriend and my dad had a great time with the both of us.

• I really need to read more.

I don't think I have a whole lot more to say, really. My life is actually pretty good these days—but not all that interesting to read about, I suppose.

• Oh oh oh! I saw Brave! And I thought it was excellent! Not really what the previews made it look like, but then they were pretty limited if they didn't want to give away certain important parts. But I really really liked what it turned out to be. I suspect I would have really really liked what I thought it was going to be too, but alas, that's not the movie that got made.
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• Went and saw The Avengers yesterday. It was totally amazing. There were a few things that I thought went unexplained, and a few things I would have like done better (or not at all), but overall I was impressed with the movie, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I'd like to see it again for a more nitpicky viewing, I think, as there were several moments where I remember thinking, "Oh, that's sort of clever," and I can only remember one of them off the top of my head. So yes, another viewing might be necessary. (I don't think the Boyfriend will go again with me, though. Mayhaps my dad.)

• Actually, I can't stop thinking about The Avengers from what I like to think of as a storyteller's point-of-view, and I think there are definitely things that could have been done better. But I didn't actually notice them as I was watching, so I guess that sort of means that it doesn't really make that much of a difference.

Avengers icons! (Though, if you're reading this on LJ, you won't be able to see it/them.)

• Things in general are ok. School ends after next Friday. I'm really looking forward to this.

• I'm very seriously thinking about how to make a presence online as a writer, and considering making a blog for this. But I keep getting held up because I feel like I still don't have an identity as a writer—in that I don't yet have a name that I want to publish under. I have some ideas, but nothing I'm satisfied with yet. Which means that I keep not writing about things that I'd like to talk about. And that in turn is making me feel like I can't write about them, like I've lost the ability. (As an aside, I've also stopped writing in my paper journal. I keep swearing to fix this, and then I don't. I don't think I've written in it for about a month.) Anyway, I'll have to keep thinking about this name thing.

• I'm excited for summer vacation, and I've a feeling it's not going to be anything like I originally planned.
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• Things.

Well, I suppose I could get a little more specific than that.

• Ankle is mostly better. It's still somewhat weak, but then I have weak ankles in general, and I don't see that changing anytime in the future, so it's not exactly a big change.

• I've been going to the gym (at my school) with the Boyfriend every other day (because it's pretty convenient for us to go after my early morning classes M/W/F) and I've been walking on the treadmill while he does... real workout things. (I got a new brace for my ankle which I've been sort of alternating wearing. It's a good brace, but it makes my shoes fit weird, so.) It's not so boring for me to walk since I have a Kindle, and I've discovered that it's light enough for me to hold up while I walk. It's actually a pretty productive place to read. And also I get exercise. Which I need. I was walking for just an hour each time, but today I discovered that I can walk five miles in 85 minutes (at a not terribly fast pace). This is encouraging. I think I could probably work my way up to five miles in 75 minutes, so that is my goal for the next little while.

• Today I actually went and walked with my dad, who wanted to walk a set distance, rather than a set time. Hence the shift in my routine.

• Speaking of injuries I have done to myself, though, my left knee is being all achey and bad. I thought I might have hyperextended it the first time I was on the treadmill, but I think it's more likely that the joint and muscles aren't used to the exertion. I was keeping it wrapped while I did my walking, but I think I'm going to leave it unwrapped next time and see what happens.

• I finished both of Deborah Harkness's books, but I didn't manage to make myself read anything I said I was going to read. I started both Black Heart and Storm Front (and both are good) but I wasn't hooked enough to keep going at the moment that I started them. (This happens pretty often. I tend to choose my books based on how I ~feel.) I ended up blasting through Patricia Briggs's Alpha & Omega prequel, which was short and sweet. On the other hand, Wednesday's workout reading material was another chunk of The Wolf Gift (which has finally gotten interesting!), and today's was Outlander (which I guess I'm finally getting around to). On the other hand, I did get my hands on a couple thousand books today (for my Kindle, obviously) so I have a whole bunch of things I could read, now.

• I dyed my hair black again for the first time in almost a year, and the color seems to be staying this time. Which is good, because I was afraid my hair had grown immune to black dye. The color isn't quite as vivid as I would like, so I'll likely try a different brand and all that in a couple of months when it's time to do it again, and some color still comes out every time I shower, but it seems to mostly be staying. And it's slightly ridiculous that that I am surprised and happy when hair dye does what it's supposed to do. What even.

I think there was more I was going to write about, but I've forgotten it and I'm tired. Thus, that's all for now!


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