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• So. That job that I hadn't exactly applied for but was probably qualified for anyway? I got it. I am employed, at least part time. It's nothing fancy, nothing I'm actually using my degree at all for—but that's what I wanted, so I'm satisfied with that—I'm just a tiny bit player in a massive conglomerate chain store. (Although I did proofread an email for a coworker, so that's sort of using my degree.) I was scheduled for three days of training videos and interactive powerpoints, but got everything done in one 7-hour shift yesterday and an hour and a half this morning. So I ended up actually working a whole shift today. And now my feets hurt. I got myself some gel insets for my shoes on the way home, for my whole shift tomorrow. Also black pants. Because I didn't own any.

• Wooo employment!

• Bonus: work is only about 4-5 blocks from where I live, so I've just been walking. It's been pretty consistently warm so it's been a pretty nice walk. (It was supposed to rain today, but didn't. Just to be on the safe side, I bought myself an umbrella when I was getting pants and gel inserts. Because I didn't actually own one, or really own anything that had a hood. And now I'll have an umbrella for when I'm in the UK this summer.) Yay minimal exercise!

• Ow ow ow ow feet.

• I'm maybe reading again? I mean, I didn't really stop reading entirely, I just stopped reading things that Goodreads counts towards my 2014 challenge. I reread a whole bunch of Tamora Pierce, and I reread Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and I reread some Nora Roberts. Now I'm reading a book I've never read before. I read while I scarfed down a lunch sandwich at Panera (because it's just across the parking lot from work), and I'll probably read some more tonight. The new Merry Gentry book is coming out on Tuesday next, which will be the first new Laurel K. Hamilton book I've actually been interested in reading in a while.

And there's your weekly summer dose of Sky's life.


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