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Aw yis, keeping to a vague posting schedule. Go me.

• Job still and unsurprisingly continues. I will likely apply to another thing as my current gig is just part time, and then we'll see how that could work.

• Actual planning for August travel to London and Dublin has commenced! I am very excited. There might be a day in Amsterdam with my mom and stepdude if they have the time. Which would be very neat. And if not, I will still have been to London and Dublin, so it will have been awesome.

• I haven't posted to my new blog since the Maleficent reaction, but there's a post coming on Friday that I am very pleased with. So you all should keep an eye out for it. c:

• My feet hurt. Always and forever with this job, apparently.

• Guys, I still haven't gotten over X-Men: Days of Future Past and I think I need to see it again this weekend. So that I can take notes. And allow Erik Lehnsherr further into my head. Because he's there, and he's angry and loud and amazing, and I sort of need to see that airplane scene again.

And that's the State of Sky for the week. c:
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Whoops. I forgot to post in the first week of June. Darn.

• Job continues. I'm learning quickly and starting to feel like I know how to do things. Which is nice. Management has decided that I'm good for closing shifts, which is... not my preferred shift. But it's money. Hopefully the week after next I'll have some shifts that aren't closing.

• I started a blog as a "professional" type presence. Already I've posted about Amazon and Hachette, as well as my reaction to seeing Maleficent last night. :) More things to come as they happen or as I think of them.

• Also I saw Maleficent and it was awesome. Badass fairy lady.

• I've been wavering between being mostly satisfied with the things I have right now as a means of moving forward, and being impatient to do something else, be someplace else. I have this vague idea of a thing I'd like to do, and sort of no idea how to get there, or if I'd like where that would physically take me, or if people are going to just laugh at me if I try to apply for new things. It's definitely scary. And it requires some thinking about, I guess.

• In less frustrating and sad news...

Nope. I got nothing. That was all my news.
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• So. That job that I hadn't exactly applied for but was probably qualified for anyway? I got it. I am employed, at least part time. It's nothing fancy, nothing I'm actually using my degree at all for—but that's what I wanted, so I'm satisfied with that—I'm just a tiny bit player in a massive conglomerate chain store. (Although I did proofread an email for a coworker, so that's sort of using my degree.) I was scheduled for three days of training videos and interactive powerpoints, but got everything done in one 7-hour shift yesterday and an hour and a half this morning. So I ended up actually working a whole shift today. And now my feets hurt. I got myself some gel insets for my shoes on the way home, for my whole shift tomorrow. Also black pants. Because I didn't own any.

• Wooo employment!

• Bonus: work is only about 4-5 blocks from where I live, so I've just been walking. It's been pretty consistently warm so it's been a pretty nice walk. (It was supposed to rain today, but didn't. Just to be on the safe side, I bought myself an umbrella when I was getting pants and gel inserts. Because I didn't actually own one, or really own anything that had a hood. And now I'll have an umbrella for when I'm in the UK this summer.) Yay minimal exercise!

• Ow ow ow ow feet.

• I'm maybe reading again? I mean, I didn't really stop reading entirely, I just stopped reading things that Goodreads counts towards my 2014 challenge. I reread a whole bunch of Tamora Pierce, and I reread Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and I reread some Nora Roberts. Now I'm reading a book I've never read before. I read while I scarfed down a lunch sandwich at Panera (because it's just across the parking lot from work), and I'll probably read some more tonight. The new Merry Gentry book is coming out on Tuesday next, which will be the first new Laurel K. Hamilton book I've actually been interested in reading in a while.

And there's your weekly summer dose of Sky's life.
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• Oh jeez, it's been be a really long time since I wrote here. Mostly that's due to midterm papers. When I have pressing things to do for school, I tend to not let myself do things. (I mean, I still read fic online, but I don't write mine. And I don't get online to talk to people, but I do check email constantly.) I do still see/talk to friends who reach out to me, but I tend not to reach out because I'm technically "not supposed to." Or whatever. Anyway, I sort of became a hermit for a bit. (And I didn't manage to get one paper done, and my teacher told me not to turn it in anymore, since we're past the grading deadline. Which means that my grade for that class got dragged way the hell down, so I'm freaking out about how to pick it up again and maintaining my GPA for my scholarship and oh crap I made myself nauseated again.)

• Other than that last one, I got all A's in my midterm grades. Because I am awesome.

• Speaking of papers, I wrote a paper on Montaigne's essay "On the Cannibals" for my ethics class. I actually thought this one wasn't as good as the really-terribly-awful Machiavelli paper—certainly less organized, as I had less of an idea what I was talking about while I was writing it—but... I got another 25 out of 25 points on it. I should get my first paper for my Bible class (same teacher as Ethics) on Thursday, so we'll see what I get on that. Apparently this teacher really likes me.

• That last bit I actually know for a fact because, through a series of strange events, I ran into the Chair of the Creative Writing department at one of my other teachers' book launch, and she knew who I was because apparently my Ethics and Bible teacher was "raving" about me. Her word, not mine. I was assured that they were all good things, though.

• This encounter also led her to telling me that we should meet so that she could see about getting me out of taking some of the beginning writing classes. I gather she'd read my file, since I didn't actually tell her all that much about my writing experiences before she said that it sounded like I had sort of gone backwards. It would be nice if she could actually get me out of being stuck in the future with some of the people I'm stuck with now, but if not I will have at least cultivated a sort of relationship with her. I'm hoping she can also pull some strings to get me into her Poetry class next semester. (Apparently we have to take a Techniques class for the three main specializations, regardless of what we decide to specialize in.) She's not only smart, but really fun about being smart (if that makes sense) so fingers crossed for at least getting her as a teacher.

• I have a meeting with her and my academic advisor tomorrow.

• Moving right along from school things... The weekend of the 15th I was in a minor collision in my car. By which I mean, I had pulled in behind a guy in a truck at the gate for my dad's community, and instead of opening the gate he started backing up. I didn't realize he couldn't see me, so I thought, "Oh, I'll just get out of your way, dude," but he came straight back into me. I wasn't injured or anything, and only the passenger side rear door of my car was damaged. And, because it was clearly the guy's fault, his insurance is paying to replace my door. I'm taking it in tomorrow, they'll give me a rental for a few days, and then my car will have a door (and a window) that functions properly. Thank god, because we're supposed to get snow tomorrow night, and the window in that door no longer closes all the way, which makes my car awfully cold in the morning even without the possibility of snow.

• This does not solve the issue of my car's engine. But that will have to come a little later when I have the money.

• Speaking of, though, I worked a bunch this past weekend and make some money, all of which will likely be held in reserve for taking my car to the mechanic. I haven't done it yet because I don't want to take it and then not have the money to pay him when he's done. Hopefully I will be able to get this done in the next week or so. Fingers crossed.

• So, now that I'm actually in school for writing, I'm actually writing again. Not a whole lot, but some. I've actually started writing a story I've had notes for (and the first few sentences) since high school. It's a gender-swapped Peter Pan story, sort of. (All the credit for reminding me that I had it in my wip folder goes to [livejournal.com profile] olukemi and she knows why. :>) I'm really enjoying it so far, and I'm trying to finish it for when my turn to be workshopped rolls around in my Fiction class. (I can't remember when that is, now, but I have it written down somewhere.) I'd also like to finish it before NaNoWriMo, since I will be putting all my writing during the month of November towards that.

• So yeah, NaNoWriMo. I will be once again attempting to beat my odds. (Those odds being that I am 0 for 4 at this point.) I... don't yet know what I'm going to write. I'm thinking I might try this thing that [livejournal.com profile] girasola and I have been planning for years but never really get around to writing. Of all the things in my WIP folder, it has had the most plotting and planning done on it. On the other hand, as it's not entirely mine, I'm not sure I want to just go ahead and write it. Part of the fun of it would likely be writing it with her. My other options are entirely unplanned and unplotted as of yet, but I could change that. I don't know right now. But, in case anyone cares, you can follow my progress on my NaNoWriMo profile. (And until they fix the writing buddies option, that's all you can do.)

• I have been feeling lonely lately, even before I shut myself in my house and pretended to write papers for two weeks. I miss [livejournal.com profile] girasola and [livejournal.com profile] exrpan, who are not only my missing best friends, but have fabulous lives in NYC (no matter how much they complain). Not the least because I haven't been online in weeks. But also because I am just sort of feeling like I will never be able to get back to NYC, like I had my chance and I blew it. This is partially because looking at the prices for apartments in NYC is super depressing and also because there are things I am considering once I graduate (fingers crossed fingers crossed fingers crossed) that aren't in NYC. It makes my stomach go all noodly when I think about it. Ugh. Anyway, I miss you guys. ♥

• I am currently eating pasta with pesto that I not only made, but made with basil I grew. It's super delicious. (Even though it's throwing off my allowed meals for the day and not helping me lose the weight I gained while my Gram was here.)

• Oh yeah! My Gram came to visit. The same weekend that I got into the accident, actually. It was really nice. My dad and I cooked for her. Things that we got the recipes for from her years ago and used to make more often but haven't in years. Like the family spaghetti sauce. And blintzes. And baked macaroni and cheese. And frito pies with avocado. It was ridiculous how much amazing food we had, that was all cooked by me and my dad. Gram also took my dad and I out for a minorly expensive dinner at a fancy place that he and I like a lot. (It's where I took him for Father's Day this year.) Anyway, I swear I gained at least five pounds. Which means fitting in my jeans is getting problematic again. Whoops. Still, it was really nice to see Gram. We watched The Princess Bride one day, which she hadn't seen and I didn't know that my dad had. (He is a big squooshy softie, apparently. No, actually, it probably has more to do with Mandy Patinkin than anything else.) It was really nice.

• For those interested, the Big Session Festival is back. It went away for a little bit, but with the release of the Oysterband's new album with June Tabor (I suspect), it's back for this coming summer. I was looking at how much money I would need to save to be able to go, and holy crap. The tickets for the festival are actually reasonably priced, but airfares to England (as always) are frighteningly high. I think the chances of me being able to make it out there next summer are slim. Maybe I'll see if my mom will match whatever I can save... Chances are still slim, but at least she'll be proud that I'm making an effort, so it's not a terrible idea to ask, I suppose. Anyway, for those who are thinking about next summer's vacation and who happen to like the Oysterband (or celtic folk music in general) should definitely consider going.

• Wrote another X-Men: First Class fic last week. Or, I finished writing it last week. As it's been revealed, I'll likely post it here soon. Though, I want to change the ending a bit. So you can expect that soonish, I think. There may be some other fics coming before the end of the year, too. I'd like to actually finish some of the things I've started. Since I think I actually have a dozen fics in progress at the moment.

Oh jeez. This entry is really freaking long. I need to stop writing it now, regardless of whether I have more things to say. And I have to go write some poems for class tomorrow, so.
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• I watched The Eagle last night. (For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I'm sorry. I use live-tweeting movies and shows as a way to diffuse my tension with the things. Thus: Y'all get spammed.) Fun fact: there's not a single woman with a speaking line in the movie. There's this one slave woman who gives Marcus a bowl of soup, and then we never see her again. There's also the Seal Prince's sister, who giggles while Marcus (Tatum Channing) grins at her. But that's it. No women at all. They weren't even trying to hide all the GAY that this movie sprouted.

• Another Fun Fact: I fell asleep last night composing smut fanfic for this movie in my head. So much gay. All the fic needs to be written. I've decided that I'm not going to read fic for it until after I've written some, because someone has probably written my idea, and I just want to do it my way. So. (Yes, [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy, you were right. I write fic for everything. I am a terrible person.)

• Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on my flist! (Includes: human children and animal children. I totally call myself my cats' mom.) It's a beautiful sunny day here, even if it is windy, and I'm going to do laundry and cuddle with my cats and write some of my last papers. Which should all equal a pretty relaxing day, all told! I hope you all have relaxing days! Don't forget to call your mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, godmothers, and your best-friends' moms. :) (Or at least email.)

• There is a flat stretch of dirt road down in the valley here. I had my dad drive it, and one lap of it is 3/10 of a mile. I'm figuring that I ought to be able to do some running down there this summer, and get in shape. (My grandfather is in better shape than I am. Seriously.) Also, a friend of mine is moving into an apartment complex that has a pool. I anticipate lots of swimming to get back in shape. It's not really that I'm out of shape, but I'm tired of one walk up the hill tiring me out completely. Ugh.

• I'm back on the hunt for a car. I really really really do not want to go another summer without a car of my own. It might actually drive me crazy. I want to be able to go out and have fun without having to get a ride home from my dad early enough for him to go to sleep early like the old man he's starting to become. (Actually, I love my dad. But he likes to be asleep by 10pm, which kills a lot of my social life.) I think that the range for how much we can spend on it might be able to go up a bit, which means that the quality of car will go up a bit too. Which is great. I just want to be able to go out at night. (/fingers crossed)

• I need to talk to my boss about summer hours. I sent him an email about a month ago letting him know I would be available if he had anything for me, but I never heard anything back. (Not entirely surprising, as he's known to forget that sort of stuff and my email didn't exactly call for a response.) But since we're coming down to the last two weeks of school (!!!) it would be nice to get that all ironed out so I can have an estimate on how much money I'll be making over the summer. (You know, in September, I'll have been working at this place for two years. That's a lot!)

And it's time to go put laundry in and get on with the day.
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• Last night I dreamed that I was a werewolf, and me and my werewolf boyfriend (played by a classmate of mine who I don't even know that well, but who is good looking) were being chased by the Spaniards. It was sort of really awesome, guys.

• I have passed the project that Mira and I are working on back to her. After a month of swearing I was going to get it to her in a day or two. Oof. And, I added less—word count wise—than I had planned, but I did get to the part than I had planned, so it worked out. Ish. I guess.

• Having passed the project to Mira, I feel less guilty about writing fanfic. So I am going to attempt to write my Covert Affairs fic today. I'm feeling pretty good about this. Which means...

• I might need someone to beta a fic for me. If anyone is interested.

• There is something about the light and the cold air in here—the place I work—that makes my eyes water. I look like I'm crying all the time. What the fuck is wrong with this place?
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• Interestingly, one benefit of dying your hair often enough—particularly if it's black, which doesn't come out easily—is that you get to stop doing the ends after a while. So, because I don't have to bundle up under a trash bag to keep the dye in the ends of my hair off of me any more, tonight I put the dye on my whole scalp and then danced to "Fire Burning" around my house in a tank top and my underwear. Sometimes it's the little things in life we have to enjoy. ;)

• I've hardly been depressed for the last several days at all. Mostly because—even if I haven't yet decided to stop putting out effort—I've mostly given up that it will yield anything. Oh well.

• I has two new pairs of jeans! Seriously, I got a $100 pair and a $80 pair for $60 including tax and shipping from Levis.com. Yay sales! Alas, they didn't have the short-legged kind, so I'll have to have these shortened, but wow do they do nice things to my legs and butt anyway.

• *still dancing*

• I'm rereading one of my favorite Lackey books, and I had forgotten how much of it there is. Holy crap, long. There's a lot that bores me now in between the parts that I remember and love. Oh well. At least it refreshes my memory.

• Tomorrow isn't the 8am staff meeting! Whoo! (It's still next week, though...) Yay for not having to get up between 6:30am and 7am. I'm way too used to sleeping until 8:30 now.

•Through various shopping forays, the next week or so is going to be filled with really awesome food. I am excited. Tomorrow is flank steak marinated in my dad's "teriyaki" marinade. There's also half the quiche I made still. I made a giant bowl of jello tonight. And there's bbq beef brisket from Trader Joe's for sammiches. Plus, you know, various snack things. And a whole new loaf of challah for french toast. I am looking forward to this.

• P.S. I want an old style Polaroid camera. (My mom might actually have one somewhere...) Failing that, I would settle for one of the awesome new instant cameras Polaroid makes.
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Things I am thinking about today:

• I'm no longer working full time! My 40-42 hours goes down to 24 hours a week starting today. I am so happy about this. I will have time to think. And do other things. This morning I woke up and was filled with the desire to rearrange my room. So I did.

• I also woke up this morning after a lovely dream about Christian Slater. In which I was wearing a cheerleading outfit. And it was still awesome and lovely despite the cheerleading outfit. Mmm, Christian Slater.

• Now that I'm not working full time and actually have some time to myself, I'll be able to really get some writing done. And it will be awesome. I am desperate to get something creative done. Like my [livejournal.com profile] vampirebigbang story. Really need to get going on that.

• I keep forgetting to email my mother. I will definitely so that tonight.

I think that's probably it for today.
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Here's something that bothers me, and I don't think I am entirely in the wrong on this one:

Employers who not only expect you to be on time, but can punish you or even fire you for it, who then do not offer the same courtesy in return. Honestly, is punctuality really too much to ask for?
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In the time since last I wrote, I was fired from one job (at a bookstore), hired at another (at a gaming store), and have since worked my first two (and only two this week) days of work at the new job. I'm very happy there. I hope I can keep this one. (And, while putting away Yu-Gi-Oh cards at said job, I had an idea for a new story.)

I have nothing much more than that to say. The CafePress thing is still stewing on a back burner in my brain.

Here: Have a story about a broken penis. *cue men wincing*
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Me thinks I have been fired. D: Not surprising, I suppose, and I was going to quit this week anyway, but, I am a little sad. I just have to go in and talk to some people and clear some things up. As well as make sure Emma's comics are there for her still. (I won't forget about you, dearest! *smooch*)

Now, I just wish I wasn't in so much pain. I hate being female sometimes, and it's all my dad's fault. (I hope he got home safe.)

I will probably post something later about The Coast of Utopia. Probably.
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So, I'm currently working a job that is mind numbingly boring.

"Welcome to the workforce," Lauren's brother says.

On the other hand, it did make it so that I could stay here in NY with Lauren. (Even though I get lost coming home from work. -_-;; ) I have other job interviews on Thursday though, so I'm hoping that I won't have this job for very long.

See, it would be fine if it was that I sat around doing nothing, and that was the boring part. But it's not. I could write or something, if that were the case. But it's not. What I do is go through their entire inventory item by item and change it so that they have keywords on the internet. I can do 30 pages of 50 items every day. And there are like... 500 pages. *sigh* I need to get out of there before I die of boredom.


In general, I'm good. Tired from actually doing stuff during the days, but good. :D

Other things that make my life good in general:
-My mommy is bringing me my copy of Pie-IX tomorrow! YAY! Finally got around to getting that, and then it shipped and I was gone, so my mommy is bringing it. Yay!
-I totally verbally bitch slapped my dad tonight. He told me that I have to get a bank account here in NY, and I was like, "I TOLD YOU THAT. YOU WERE THE ONE WHO SAID I COULDN'T BECAUSE I'M A MINOR. NOW I HAVE TO GET ONE?" And he was like, "...er, yes."
-Having dinner with my mommy tomorrow after work. Yay!!
-Have job interviews on Thursday. YAY!


Sep. 22nd, 2005 06:49 pm
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This is why procratinating is a bad thing. I might not have a job right across the street from my house now because I waited until today to fill out the application, instead of filling it out last night and running it over when I was done. *headdesk, repeat* Damn. Also, the fact that I didn't say hello to the owner this morning when I saw him on my way to school might have had something to do with it. Why am I such a spaz? (I really couldn't tell if his, "Sorry, I hired a lot of people today," was real, or a brush off.)


But I'm likeable! And I don't want to work somewhere far away from my house! *whines* Gr. I screwed this one up royally.

(Note: The job was at a restaurant. I would have been doing cashiering and coffee making, me thinks.)
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Holy shit. I had the extra user pics so I could have 50, but I only had 37 out of that. Now I have space for 63 more? Jeez!

Anyway, I've figured out how to get intenet on my computer at home. So things are better now.

My parents aren't making me work anymore. At least, not here in Santa Fe. So I probably won't take the Haagen-Daz job if it's offered to me. Which I don't think it will be. Honestly, it makes very little sense to me to work while I'm here for less than a month. And I have no way of transporting myself around, and I live 20 minutes from town. So this makes things difficult. Maybe I should look into getting my license while I'm here... Hm... I don't know though. Ah well. At least this frees me up to do some writing.

Despite all my efforts I have yet to actually do any serious writing. Much to my ultimate shame. I keep trying and then getting distracted.

But yeah. Having fun seeing people, and hanging out with people I haven't seen in a while. So that's good too.
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I'm updating from the Santa Fe Pulic Library, of all places... I desperately need my dad to set up my computer to work with the dial-up at our house. So I can have my computer doing internet again, which is what I really need.

I applied for a job at Haagen-Daz. -_-;; For the month that I'm here. I don't know if I want this job or not. Sure, money is a good thing, but haagen-Daz?! *wibble* I should start writing a lot, and then send out stories, and hope I get money from that. *nods* Speaking of which...

Does anyone want to take a look at one of my stories? I wrote it... last summer. And the ending is missing something. Something that could possibly make it a selling story. So. Any takers?

Note to Self: Send out other stories, you fucking idiot.

Er... yeah. I'm good. Things are... good. My parents are being assholes, but other than that, I'm good. :D


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