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• First things first: the Monday before Thanksgiving, The Boyfriend and I broke up. I'm not going to get into it here because I'm pretty much done thinking about the whys and whens and all of that. Suffice to say that I'm okay and I think it was the right decision to make.

• School is done, which means I am reading tons, hanging out with my dad, playing lots of Guild Wars 2, watching movies, applying to jobs, writing in my journal, and considering which project I was to write next. I'm taking some time to be on "winter break" but then I will need to find a job and make some money and be a productive part of society (and also start paying off student loans, yikes).

• Writing-wise, I'm not doing a whole lot. I'm taking a little break. But I'm starting to think about what I want to do next. There are two things that I like and want to tinker with, but I don't think either of them is ready to start writing. But I might have an idea for something else. So yeah. And I'll probably start revisions/rewrites on the novel I wrote over the summer soon, too. There's at least one major narrative line that needs to be totally redone. So. That's sort of an exciting prospect.

• I'm really, really sad that all of the (appealing to me) fandom blends from Adagio Tea seem to have caffeine in them. Except, oddly, the Loki blend. When I have money, maybe I'll get myself some of that.

• I haven't yet seen The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug because the plan was to go with ex-boyfriend before he was ex. But now that he's not around, I don't really have anyone who I think would be interested in going to see it. Or at least, no one I'm close with or who comes immediately to mind. So that's sad. I really, really want to see it.

Yeah, that's about all I have to say at the moment.
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• I downloaded the first two parts of the BBC miniseries The Virgin Queen which has Tom Hardy (Mr. Eames from Inception) in it as Robert Dudley. He is young and adorable and I am enjoying him in the role of my favorite courtier. His accent makes me grin like an idiot. Clearly I should move to England and have many hot English affairs. That, or I should be kept far far away from the country... One of the two.

• Also, why is Tom Hardy so hot. Like... stomach clenching hot. (Why yes, I will be looking for icons of him after I post this.)

• Also, this miniseries has strangely amazing music. I might have to see if I can find it somewhere.

• I make a pretty spectacular sweet tea. It's made of PG Tips (hah, I seem to be on a British theme at the moment) and it's decaf. All hail decaf tea. It makes me so delighted and not ill.

• I'm not pregnant! ...just thought you all should know.

• I am, however, counting down the days til a Blackberry becomes mine. Both of my thumbnails are broken, and this makes using a touch screen phone rather difficult and imprecise. We hates it, we does. Guys, how many of you have Blackberrys? Is Blackberry Messenger at all useful? I've seen like... 8billion commercials for it via Hulu, and it makes me wonder. Mostly it makes me wonder how it's at all different from texting. We'll see.

• Because I am leaning to associate getting a Blackberry with it, I'm thinking of getting my haircut. (Association is only because the place I get my hair cut—just Mastercuts in the mall—is near to the place I'll be getting my new phone.) Actually, since I'm letting my hair grow out to its heart's content—what a strange image—I'm thinking about getting bangs. Like... straight across bangs. Probably modeled somewhat on Leverage's Parker's bangs. Thoughts? Ideas? Criticisms? Comments? Anything at all? I have enough sense not to do this myself, at least. Y'all ought to be thankful for that. My hair grows so fast—I swear the long face-frame-bangs I got sometime before June 20th (journals are so useful for keeping track of dates) have grown an inch. I got them cut to just below my cheekbones, and they reach my chin now. So... if I totally hate having straight bangs, at least they'll grow out fast? Hah.

• I miss NYC. And my friends who are there.

• Between writing the beginning of this post and now I have downloaded the soundtrack to The Virgin Queen. It's really beautiful.

• Ever notice that the BBC has some of the most amazing TV? It has not escaped my notice that I really like a whole lot of the things that they make. Maybe I should see about getting IT ALL. (Laugh with me.)

• Time to go exercise and then sleep. (And by that I really mean watch the next part of this miniseries and then exercise and sleep.)
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Ok, so because of a certain incedent involving me being sick and coughing, a cat hair, a toothbrush, and me vomiting, I can no longer cough without feeling like I am going to vomit. Yes, this is probably not something you wanted to hear, but I just thought I'd tell you anyway. So every time I start really coughing, I run to the bathroom, in case I vomit. *sigh*

Also, late night conversations hurt my brain. There are things right now that I so do not want to be wracking my brain about, because it's not doing any good. It's like kicking a dead horse, only this horse was dead and buried last month.

On a much nicer note, I found a really yummy tea in our cabinets, which also happens to be "Triple Echinacea" so it's healthy too. :D


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