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When last we saw our intrepid heroine... on June 18th wtf, self, you were supposed to be getting better at this...

• I changed jobs. The part time gig was good and all, but now I have a full time gig that I like and I like the people I work with and the people seem to like me too. It's better all around, not to mention the fact that I will likely be able to actually pay my bills a little easier and maybe even save some money. And, since I'm now working at a Japanese Spa, I get all kinds of awesome benefits, like discounts and gift cards and such. This job is pretty awesome, guys.

• I also got a new tattoo on Saturday. I got the "Not all those who wander are lost" part of Strider's riddle, translated into Quenya, on my back. I'm happy with it, although it does make putting on jackets, reaching for things up high at work, and sleeping occasionally interesting. I am also considering getting something while I'm in Ireland. We shall see.

• Only about a week til my UK trip! I decided to take a little trip to Glasgow between London and Dublin, and I might use one of the three days I'm there to take a day trip to Edinburgh as well. I'm also considering a day trip up to Belfast from Dublin, as well as trekking out from London for an evening to see my favorite band at a festival they're playing at. I have all these options!

• It's chilly and rainy out, which means I am eating warm things to keep a little on the warmer side. I'd have considered staying late at work for free hot tub soaking, but lightning. And I wanted to come home and read my book.

That's about it, in terms of news.
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• Alas, no car for me. Or, not that car. It had a thing wrong with it that would take too much to fix. So now I keep looking. On the upside, I have an appointment to take the road test on Aug. 9th. So. Hopefully there is still a car in my future. At least there is probably driving in my future.

• Also, no phone today. Verizon tricked my mom into thinking that I was eligible for an upgrade, but it was this weird early upgrade thing where you pay not quite as much as buying the phone outright, but if I just wait a month—til Aug. 22—I can get the expensive blackberry for free. So, we shall wait. *taps foot impatiently* I will look forward to not having a touch screen. I am way bothered by it now.

• My tattoo is all itchy, but I know if I scratch it it's going to hurt—or at least tingle and ache. And I have a feeling that one of the things they forgot to tell me was not to pick at it when it peels. But it's making me fidgety. And it itches! I keep almost scratching and then remembering not to. I won't always remember, damn it.

• I was looking at ads for kittens on Craigslist. Even though I am not getting a kitten at any point in the foreseeable future. Kitten. Wants.

• Um. I would like things in my life to stop not going my way. I mean, I don't expect everything to go my way, but I'd like a couple things to go better than they have been. And no one seems to have useful advice on what to do, including myself. Pretty much the only useful things is today's Twitter horoscope and a random twitter from a new friend. Otherwise.... so much mental flailing.
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• Weekend is relaxing. Other than getting tattooed yesterday, I got to hang out with a school friend I don't see very often because she's doing the summer session and is super busy. We hung out in Whole Foods and ate sushi and then walked to Borders for coffee and hung out there some. It was loads of fun.

• And I bought a new Moleskine planner. How geeky is it that this makes me really excited and pleased? (Answer: Totally super geeky.)

• Hm. Anything else to share? No, I don't think there's anything else at the moment. So, without further ado:

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• TATTOO. OWS. Actually, it stopped hurting like... 10 minutes after it was done. And it wasn't totally unbearable while I was getting it either. The weirdest part was when the guy was right over the bone, and it made my bone vibrate. Weird and uncomfortable. Still, I AM VERY HAPPY. Picture of my ankle coming as soon as I take the bandage off. (Which is to say, probably tomorrow because though it'll come off tonight, I am tired.) Guys, I have a tattoo. Ehehehe. :>

• I have absinthe lollipops! They have been added to my collection of alcohol flavored lollipops—so far I have Irish Creme and White Russian, and now Absinthe. :) Isn't that awesome? For those interested, I highly recommend heading over to Lollyphile. It's awesome.

• Tonight was a lot of fun, and then it was almost disappointing but it started to look up, and then it was disappointing again but with hope for later in the week. That's... quite a lot of ups and downs for a few short hours. Still, looking forward to the beginning of my week.

• I'm trying to maneuver my dad into taking me to see the car tomorrow. Can't buy it tomorrow, but we can check it out and get some first impressions and tell the guy something like, "If the mechanic checks it out and says it's good, we'll take it." I'm crossing my fingers and toes. I've started having distracting daydreams about having a car of my own. I swear I stared off into space for a good 15 minutes today at one point.

• My dad and I finished the 6th season of The West Wing tonight. Don't know how long it will take us to watch the last season, but jeez. Jeeeeez.

• There was a polar bear in my dream last night, and today my dad told me about the pizzly bears. Also, there was a black bear in my front yard last night, which scared the crap—which was almost just typoed to "carp"—out of me. Whooo boy. Can you tell it's time for sleep?
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• This morning I tried to reactivate my WoW account. I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or not that I couldn't seem to navigate the new account system. (And... I totally sent Blizzard an email asking what could be done...) I would only activate it for a month, though. Since that's about the amount of time between now and when school starts up again.

• TATTOO. I'm seriously excited. I haven't stopped being somewhat giddy about this yet.

• I might not go to the masquerade tonight. I don't know that I can get a ride or find a place to crash, so I might see if a friend wants to come by my house and spend the night. (Yay sleepovers!) Plus, there was no experimenting with the sewing machine last night. Not that that means I wouldn't have a "costume" but still.

• I have no idea whether or not my weekend—which, for me, starts tonight when I get off work and goes through Monday—will be awesome or not. I've got my fingers crossed. Guys, think good thoughts for me. Or, really, send hopes that I can get what I want. Hah. Still mentally flailing about, here. :o

• I called a guy about a car. 1996 Ford Taurus, supposedly without any mechanical flaws and only a few cosmetic flaws, for just $1000. I've got enough money to pay off insurance for six months, and not have to worry about it for a while. So I'm really hoping. GUYS. A CAR OF MY OWN. Oddly, having a car, might actually make it easier to get my drivers license. Hm. (I should probably see about a license plate and registration and all that.)

• It's so cold here at work. I can barely feel my fingers.
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• I had what I hope was a prophetic dream last night. I woke up slightly giddy this morning from it. I swear, I woke up giggling. (I was a little glad to be alone in the house—it was either really cute or really creepy.) But yeah. We'll see!

• I made my appointment for my tattoo! This Sunday at 3pm I will sit down and get inked. I am super excited. I also learned that you can take some pain killers preemptively. I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I was to hear that. Pain scares the crap out of me. I have to brace myself to get my ears pierced. :o But. I am braving it for the awesomeness that will be my tattoo. Plus, once I know what to expect, I can be prepared for my next ones. (Haha, why yes, I am thinking about the next ones already.)

• I'm really hoping this weekend will be awesome. There's a lot that could go really well or really badly. I'm just hoping for slightly more goodness than yuckiness. Yeah, this totally plays into that whole prophetic dream crap. (But it was a really great dream! It could conceivably come true!)

• I'm going to a masquerade this weekend. :> Yeah, I know. Isn't that awesome? I'm probably just going to wear something nice and wear one of my two masks with it, instead of trying to theme a costume. But I was thinking about making a Zorro-type mask out of a piece of black cloth I have, which will involve fiddling with the sewing machine until I'm reasonably sure that I can do something with it that doesn't look like a piece of crap. Hmmmm. I'm debating wether or not this will be a wig event, too. We'll have to see how I feel, and how much crap I feel like lugging with me to work so I can change at a friend's house.

• I'm still doing a whole lot of mental flailing. It's kind of awesome, and kind of not. It's just one of those things, I guess.


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