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Whoa, I haven't posted since my birthday.

• I'm leaving for NYC tomorrow, which is a stopover on my way to Israel. I'm going to Israel!! I leave on Sunday, have an overnight flight, and then I get to be trotted around to see various touristy things, and eat good food. The food part is paramount, as the trip I'm going on is a Culinary trip. Among the first things we do is go to brunch at a dairy farm and try "boutique cheeses." Nomnomnom. I'm going to eat all the food and take all the pictures.

• I'm also moving at the end of the month. I get back from Israel on the 20th, then get back home from NYC on the 24th, and then my lease is up on the 28th. Which means I feel like I'm running around a lot like a chicken without a head. Yipes.

• I read 8 books in January! And none yet so far this month. I'm not sure that's likely to change, although I suppose there will be travel time in which to read (first airplanes and then buses and then more airplanes). Still, I think I will be able to meet my original goal of 50 books read for this year, and perhaps surpass it! Go go go me!

• I don't have a travel icon! I'll fix this eventually. In the meantime, have a hungry kitty.

That's really all the news there is of my life. Aaaand crap, I really need to finish packing.
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Today's various and sundries:

• I'm home from my trip. I mean, I have been for like... a week. But I thought I ought to point it out.

• I'm writing! Since my project this summer is to finish my novel (which I am getting school credit for, so extra win) I need to be writing about 500 words a day to bump my total word count up by about 40k words. So far I haven't been keeping a regular daily word count, but I've been binge-writing. I wrote 5 pages (handwritten, about 320 words per page) yesterday, and I'm about to get ready to sit down with it today. So that's fun.

• For those who actually care for the occasional insight into whatever I might be doing at the moment, you might check out my Tumblr, where I post about whatever TV show I happen to be watching, pictures of my cat, random thoughts, and random reblogged fandom-type things. Just, you know, in case you're curious. I definitely post there more than I post here.

• (Hm, I really need to start my writing blog up again over there. I should sit down and see if I can make a plan for that.)

• Now that school is over I'm reading again! This is marvelous. I'm starting with the newest Mercy Thompson book, Frost Burned, which so far is great. The POV is switching up a little in it, which is really interesting since the new POV is an interesting character. So yeah. The Mercy Thompson series and the October Daye series are my two favorite Urban Fantasy series, so I am really happy to start my summer reading off with something that is so dear to me.

• Plus, reading Urban Fantasy novels like this help me get back into the headspace for writing my own Urban Fantasy novel. (Did I mention that my novel is an Urban Fantasy type thing? I can't remember. But if I didn't, well, now you know.)

• J and I have plans to go to Phoenix in late June for Neil Gaiman's book tour. (It was either Phoenix or Denver, and J has family in Phoenix, so we're making a mini vacation out of it.) Apparently this is Gaiman's Last Book Tour Ever, so of course I have to see him and get the new book and have it signed. And it's a chance for my boyfriend to experience "my world" in a way.

That might actually be it for now. I ought to go write.
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Since the last time I posted, I...:

♣ ... finished Rosemary and Rue and its four sequels (A Local Habitation, An Artificial Night, Late Eclipses and One Salt Sea)—and really enjoyed them. Waiting for the next book—it comes out in September. Don't yet know what I'll be reading between now and then.
♣ ... adopted a cat. His name is Dimitri (because he's at least part Russian Blue and that was the first Russian name I thought of) and is fat and talkative and hopefully happy. (Technically this happened before the last time I posted, not since, but I didn't mention it in my last post, idk why.) He has very pretty light green (jade-colored almost) eyes. Eventually we'll get him a girlfriend and name her Anastasia—because it makes me LOL mostly.
♣ ... checked my school account and discovered that the last class without a listed teacher finally has one and that all my classes finally have their book lists on the school bookstore. None of the books look like they might cause me to drown myself in the nearest water source (the sink) so I'm tentatively hoping this semester won't either.
♣ ... stopped writing in my paper journal entirely. Bad Sky, bad!
♣ ... let my paid account here on DW expire because I am le broke. I plan on re-upping it as soon as I can, but at least the way that DW cuts back on your icons doesn't make zero sense at all LJ I'm looking at you, so that's nice.
That's about it. I'm boring these days.
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See, sometimes I can update this thing with less than a month between posts.

• The Writing Buddies feature on the NaNoWriMo site is running now. :) If you're doing NaNoWrimo, you should definitely add me as a buddy. If we were buddies in the past, their update got rid of everything, so you'll have to add me again.

• I've been thinking about getting a Kindle for a long time at this point, but with the release of all the new Kindles, I am seriously considering it now. I can't decide which one I want, though. Except the Kindle Fire. Pretty sure I don't want that one. I'm not ready for a tablet in my life. An eReader will be enough. Last time I was in NYC I played around with the Nook Touch at a B&N (with the touch e-ink) and it was surprisingly interesting. Which gives me hope for the Kindle Touch. But I sort of want the one with the physical keyboard and in black. :/ And I can't decide if I want 3G wireless or not, or if I would find it to be necessary. Anyway, I'm thinking about it, and thinking about asking for whichever I decide is the one I want for my birthday this year.

• I've also been thinking about getting an iPhone. I mean, I was so against them because their touch technology tended to not register my touch bout 50% of the time. But I haven't had problems with that in a while. And now that you can get the phone on Verizon, it might even work at my house. I don't go up for an upgrade for another 10 months, but I am thinking about it. I do like my BlackBerry, but the iPhone can just do a whole lot more. There are tons of apps that aren't available on BlackBerrys, or aren't available on my version. (Like the Kindle app. My BlackBerry is the single version that doesn't have a Kindle app. What even.) I have 10 months to think about it and talk it over with my mom (who pays the Verizon bill) so it'll be a while before anything changes if it does.

• Went to the first of two Halloween parties last night. I went as a pirate. I was going for pirate captain, but since I didn't have a hat and I didn't wear either of my pirate-y coats (neither matched the costume all that well), I settled for First Mate. :) It's likely a costume I will reprise, since it's all stuff that I took out of my closet and just wore in a unique combination with a few safety-pin alterations. There were pictures being taken all night, but I have no idea if any were taken of me that were good. The second party is tonight, and tonight's costume is Captain Jacqueline Harkness. Which is mostly just jeans and boots, my military-esque dress worn as a coat, and my really fake Torchwood ID. Still it amuses me, and it's a comfortable costume. There might be pictures, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

• Before the party tonight, I am taking my dad to a screening of the New York Metroploitan Opera's Don Giovanni for his birthday. Should be good. Don Giovanni is always entertaining, and I am curious to see how they stage it for this production. Fingers crossed for good singing.

• My bookshelf depresses me. I need to read more. So many books I haven't read yet.

• Writing continues apace. Wrote a large chunk of Game of Thrones fanfic (specifically show-canon) in my last class on Thursday. And a chunk of my original thing, which I think I need to finish by the end of next week so I can give it a once over before handing it in for my class. I think I will be plotting my NaNoWriMo novel tomorrow. I might write up outlines for all the novels I am considering and see which one I like best once I have a better idea of what each one is about. (Also, I need to update my NaNoWriMo icons for 2011.)

• Speaking of classes, I had a meeting with my advisor last week, and my schedule is... not at all hammered down. The classes I can take are sort of limited, and then they all conflict with each other time-wise. So my advisor sent an email to the head of my department (who likes me, yay!) and hopefully she'll be able to open up some new sections or move some times around. We'll see. I really really need to be taking five classes again, so hopefully things can be worked out. Registration is in a week. Really really would like to not be totally shafted for classes that I need. (Though, I suspect that because I am not a freshman and because the head of my department likes me, she would try to squeeze me into classes that were technically closed if I had to go that route.)

Whoops, time to go.
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• Mom is coming home next week. Only for a few days, but it will be nice to see her. I might go to NYC for spring break—we talked about it briefly last night—so that would be nice. I miss all my friends there! Tomorrow is Mom's birthday and she won't be here for it, but we've planned to talk tomorrow, so that will be nice. I have her gift hidden in my room at the moment, and I will give it to her when she gets home.

• I am still hoping to go to Mexico for winter break, for anyone wondering why I'd be going to NYC in the spring and not in the winter. (It's cold there, it's cold here, all I want is to be warm!) Probably this is something I should starting really planning. I have to see if someone will come with me. I don't think I want to go alone. We'll see.

• NaNoWriMo is... haha. Well, I didn't write at all yesterday, so I'm at the same word count. I've mostly accepted that I'm not going to win this year, but I'll just write as much as I can when my homework isn't too overwhelming, and we'll see how far I get. I should be able to get out a couple thousand words tonight, though. We'll see. :> I like not being pressured about this.

• I have 18 overdue library books. I... should fix this. But I haven't finished reading the ones that I want to read, and I don't really have time to? Well, I'll return them after Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll get some reading done over a short holiday.

• Tomorrow is our last reading from either of the Bibles. I have never read the Christian Bible before, though I have read the Hebrew Bible, and this was sort of an interesting experiment in "Oh, so that's what it's all about." I have... thoughts, on this. But, in the interest of not offending anyone on my flist who is particularly observant, I won't share them with you unless you ask. That being said, my overall feeling is sort of, "Jesus said a lot of good things, and then wtf?" (Full disclosure: I was raised in the Jewish faith, and I'm a history nut and also a liberal, so if you think you might be offending by anything I would say about this, just don't ask. I promise I won't be too harsh if you do, but I can't help but have my own views on things.)

• Speaking of school, we finished translating 'The Bacchae' and we're reading some Nietzsche for next class. Not having to do a translation for class feels like a vacation. THIS IS MY HAPPY FACE, CAN YOU SEE IT?

• I have decided to finally suck it up and download the rest of Merlin season 3 and watch it. Since I now have the space on my computer for it. All I really want is Hawaii Five-0 though. Dad will be giving the most recent episode to me tonight, which I will savor lots. H5-0 Might be my favorite show currently. :> It's so pretty! And, you know, full of slash. (Also need to catch up on: House, Bones, Lie to Me, Haven, and, eventually, Big Bang Theory. Oh, and Glee but... I couldn't care less about that. The plot on that show makes my soul hurt, so I usually end up reading until they start singing again. >.>)

• There was something else I wanted to post about, and I have zero recollection of what it was.
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• I made pasta and used butter instead of olive oil to coat it. HOLY CRAP. Why did no one ever tell me pasta with butter is 8billion times better than with olive oil. It just takes a buttload of butter to coat the amount of pasta I like making (so that I have leftovers for later). Nom nom nom.

• I might be slightly obsessed with the women who did the singing on the soundtrack for The Virgin Queen, The Medieval Baebes. I will totally be attempting to download their entire discography tomorrow at work. This soundtrack is so beautiful, I've been listening to it nonstop. It makes me long for a romance. (With Tom Hardy. I mean, whut.)

• One of my coworkers got laid off today, while I wasn't there. (I have Mondays off.) I liked him a lot and I have no idea what happened. I'm hoping I will find out tomorrow. (Am I the only one who thinks it's weird to lay someone off on a Monday? Particularly when the store isn't even open on Sundays? It's weird to bring someone in for only the first day of work. Weird.)

• I haven't been reading. (Ok, I've been reading fanfic, but that doesn't count.) I'd like to finish a few more books before school starts and I have to start reading school things.

• I miss life.


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