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• I'm officially a Colorado state resident. (Well, ok, maybe not officially. I haven't gotten a new DL yet, but I did send in my voter registration yesterday.) Shockingly, it's not much different from New Mexico? There's a lot of Broncos merch everywhere, which is hilarious and terrifying. As I keep being told, I am deep, deep in the heart of Broncos country. (And apparently football season has started, or something. Who cares, though, since baseball season is about to be over?)

• You guys, moving is expensive. I've bought furniture and rugs and some art, and a whole host of other things that we need.

• I'm currently not working much. There's a product info workshop/training thing tomorrow, and there's a whole slew of online training manuals (which so far has been videos of text and a voiceover reading the text to me, and then a quiz to make sure I was paying attention) that I'm going through now. I'm seriously considering doing some knitting while I go through these things. I also now have a work email? I guess technically I'm sort of on the management team. I'm more like a team leader. Anyway. Work email. Training. Wooooo.

• We booked our wedding venue last week! We're going to be getting married at Tapestry House here in Colorado. The best part? They're an all-inclusive venue, so they'll do everything. Or at least, all the things we want them to. We'll probably go with an outside photographer and we have a friend who wants to DJ for us, but they'll do the food and the booze and the decorating (although my mom might do the centerpieces) and they'll even do the cake if we decide not to find someone else. It's a huge relief to not need to do all those things, let me tell you what. There are still things to do, obviously, but I feel so much more relaxed about the whole prospect now.

• I'm using all my OTP icons for these posts (which people reading on LJ won't be able to see) because of the wedding talk.

• Books! Since last I wrote, I did indeed get my hands on Ilona Andrews' Magic Binds and it was a really good addition to the series. It included, hilariously and helpfully, a wedding between the main character and her fiancé. (I say helpfully because it pointed out a few things about weddings that I'd forgotten and allowed me to chill a little. So. Yay for that!) I've also read Kendare Blake's most recent book, Three Dark Crowns, which was excellent, even if (at least) one of the twists was something I was expecting. I'm really looking forward to the next one in that series. Now I'm reading the latest Kara Gillian book, Legacy of the Demon, by Diana Rowland, which is proving to be very entertaining—although I don't remember with perfect clarity what happened in the previous book. (This is ok, because Urban Fantasy series tend to gloss over previous events in the beginning, so it's working out just fine for me.) After that I'm probably going to dive into the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, since I really like her other stuff and there's a handful of them plus assorted novellas so it'll keep me entertained for a while. And then after that I plan to reread Garth Nix's Abhorsen books so that I can read the newest addition to that series, Goldenhand.

• Oh, also: NaNoWriMo is coming up. As always, I'm planning on participating. I can't even begin to imagine what my November is going to look like, but I'm hoping I'll have some time to put some words in. Fingers crossed and all that.
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• There is just today, tomorrow, and Friday left. On Saturday we'll be packing up the cars and then driving away. I'm done with work, which means I have the next few weeks off, since my new gig won't start until mid-October. It's sort of nice to have that time, but also sort of stressful—in that I don't have any sort of income for these next few weeks, and yet still have bills and such to pay. But I think it will work out.


• But also packing. Which is really awful.

• Hmm books. I finished Ilona Andrews' newest, Magic Binds, and it was fun. And, considering that there was a wedding being planned and orchestrated in it, it was actually useful for me personally. So there's that. I'm currently reading Kendare Blake's newest, Three Dark Crowns which is really interesting. I'm curious how they're going to resolve the conflict, which is that two of the three main characters are basically slated for death.

• Made an appointment to look at a venue for the wedding. This is exciting! Also a little terrifying. I'm thinking about Saves the Dates and then invitations, and my dress, and whether or not I want a full bar or if I want centerpieces. It's a lot to think about, and I'm trying not to get overwhelmed, haha. But it's exciting!

Not a whole lot to say, but at least I'm updating?
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• It's been a little over two years since I last wrote. Which means there's quite a lot to catch up on here... but I think I'm just going to skip over that. Most people reading this journal also follow me on Twitter or are also friends on Facebook, so they would have gotten little tidbits of it there. Still, I'm feeling the need for a more long-form way of telling the world what's been going on in my life, so here we are.

• At the end of September, boyfriend and I are going to pack up and move to Fort Collins, Colorado. Ok, technically I'll be living in Loveland, but I've come to think of that as part of the Fort Collins Greater Metropolitan Area, and I'll be working in Fort Collins. Because, oh yeah, I landed a job there. I'll be starting mid October. We have a really great little apartment, too, in a really great location. With both of those things taken care of, I'm free to go back to worrying about the actual move itself and living in a new and unfamiliar place. But I'm sure that will pass. And I'm excited to be starting a new adventure.

• I've been trying to read more this year. With the sole exception of July, during which I finished one book (which I had started at the end of June) and then continued to read one other (which I then finished on the 1st of August), I've been doing pretty good. This year's spread sheet has color coding for the gender of authors (because I'm curious) as well as different coding for things that are re-reads (aka comfort reading) and things that will end up on my "Best Books I Read in 2016" list at the end of the year. I'm having fun with it, and also enjoying reading—which was the whole point of this endeavor.

• Related: If you haven't read [livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire's Every Heart A Doorway, do so. It's short and won't take you very long, and you'll be happy you did. And if you haven't read Rachel Aaron's Heartstrikers series, definitely do that too. The third book, No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished came out last week, you should do that too. I mean, start with the first two if you also haven't read those, but then definitely read #3 because it's so so so good.

• This morning I woke from a dream in which I had agreed to be a gangster boss's mistress, in a time when cars and horses were on the streets together. It considering that it was mostly the two of us talking, and me realizing that he was really a nice guy who missed his dead wife terribly and really wanted to build this beautiful house... it was a pretty nice dream. This dream also featured FAO Schwarz, but some weird version of it, and me cryptically saying that it looked different than the last time I'd seen it, because I was also, apparently, a time traveller. Sometimes I really love my brain.

That's it for now. More things as I think of them, I suppose.


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