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• I survived the doctor's appointment! The nurse took my blood pressure and heart rate and all that before the doctor actually came in, and noted that my heart rate was up. Yeah, duh, of course it's up. I'm in a doctor's office and quietly (internally) freaking out.

• Then, even though the nurse didn't think that I would have to be jabbed with any needles (this time), the doctor ended up recommending that I get a tetanus shot before going to Israel. Totally reasonable. Thing I Learned Today: shots actually hurt more than tattoos (for me) because of how much deeper the needle goes into you. I did not burst into tears like the last time I had to get a shot (about 10 years ago, that time at the dentist doesn't count because I was huffing happy gas), I was very calm about it, even to the point of calmly saying, "Ow." I did lay down though. Since I didn't know what my reaction was going to be, I didn't want to faint or something.

• Bonus: they did a pregnancy test before the shot and yay! Not pregnant!

• And the doctor filled out the doctor's note for my Israel trip, so now I have gotten the people all the paperwork they've asked me for and I am just waiting to hear about which group I will be put in, and for my flight assignments. (Which, apparently, will be sent out at the beginning of December for an early February trip. You'd think they would be a little bit more considerate about timing, since people going on the trips are responsible for getting to the city of departure on their own. I guess two months is an ok amount of time to find a flight, but more notice means a cheaper flight. So.)

• I will likely have to go back to the doctor sometime soon for a full workup—today was mostly about the doctor's note and establishing primary care. Which means blood work will be done and also a Lady Exam. All of which are good things, even if being anywhere near doctors sort of scares the shit out of me.

• I have a long weekend this weekend. I always have Fridays off, but my Thursday class was cancelled because the teacher will be out of town. Woo! Freedom!

• Long weekend means some time to do writing and planning for writing. I really need to start the rough drafts of the Myth, Archetype, & Fairy Tale collection I'm writing, and also I ought to get things together for NaNoWriMo this year. So that's what my weekend will be all about. Homework, homework writing, and writing.

• Oh, also, baseball. My weekend will be full of baseball. My team didn't make it to the World Series—but they got closer this year than they've gotten in my memory, and they've been steadily improving for the last few years, so I've got my fingers crossed for a World Series in their close future. (Fun fact: the last time they won a World Series—which was also the last time they even went to the World Series—was the years I was born.)

I guess that's it. I'm trying to update a little more regularly here. We'll see if that happens.
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Argh, more than a month has gone by since I last posted. I was going to be better than this! So, lessee, what's new this month?

• School still goes. So that's not exactly new. I was feeling like I was drowning in homework and work in general last week (and possibly the week before), but I seem to have gotten my head above the water again. I am so incredibly thankful that this is my last semester.

Myth, Archetype, & Fairy Tale is still by far the best and most awesome class. We all have to do a final project, and since the class is mostly filled with Writing Majors most of us are writing. I'm going to be writing a small collection of retold tales. Red Riding Hood the Werewolf Slayer, Maleficent's Curse, the Love Story of Hades & Persephone, Cassandra of Troy: Modern Day Prophetess are all the things that I've sort of got a handle on so far. I want to do something with Captain Hook but I'm not sure what yet. So we'll see. I'm pretty excited.

• J and I moved furniture around the house last week, putting the TV, Wii and cable box in the bedroom and making space for a small desk/work nook in the corner of the living room for me. Both of these changes have made life much easier and more enjoyable in this teensy apartment we call home. Plus, watching movies (like The Lone Ranger, LOL) in our bedroom on the big TV is much nicer.

• I have a doctor's appointment a week from tomorrow! This will be the first time I've seen a doctor (other than the dentist or my optometrist) in much too long. I'm definitely not looking forward to having bloodwork done—tattoos have not exactly made me fond of needles, but I think I might be past the post of spontaneously bursting into tears at even the sight of a syringe—but I am looking forward to having a reliable someone to prescribe birth control (rather than my school nurse) and possible someone to prescribe sleeping pills. This sleeping-poorly bullshit has got to stop.

• Plus, also, I need a doctor's note in order to go to Israel this February. Free trip to Israel because I'm Jewish, woo! I've gotten them everything they need except the doctor's note (because I don't currently have a doctor, whoops) and I really, really hope that the Culinary trip hasn't been filled by the time I get it to them because it seems like that might be one of the only trips I would really enjoy. So, fingers crossed and all that.

• This fall's TV is so far awesome. I'm watching Sleepy Hollow (and hiding from all the scary parts behind my hands), Downton Abbey (how much do I love Mary? a lot!), Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which I am really loving to bits and pieces), Once Upon A Time (which continues to be full of awesomeness and their Peter Pan is my new favorite), Castle (because I can't give up on it now), Masters of Sex (which I am watching entirely because of Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan) and Elementary (because, Sherlock Holmes. duh.)

• On a totally different note: I really dislike how DW's tagging works, in that I really like it when LJ will show you all the tags you have that start with L if you type that in. DW only shows you one option, and since I don't remember all my tags, it's less useful to me. I always have to cross check my tags with LJ when I post here.

ETA: Oh oh oh! One more thing!

• J and I are going to the east coast for the weekend after Thanksgiving! (Which is when my mother's family gets together to celebrate Thanksgiving, since there are six of them, and they all have significant others so they go their separate ways on the actual holiday.) This is exciting because it's going to give us Friday evening and some of Sunday in NYC together. He's going to bring his camera and I'm going to take him to some touristy places and feed him real bagels and real (fake) Chinese food and real pizza. And maybe a falafel sandwich from a cart. And he'll get to meet Aaron on Sunday, and maybe Mira and Em depending on what those two are up to around then. So that's exciting too!

It's a shame y'all over at LJ can't see my awesome Mary/Downton Abbey icon. :p
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• Things.

Well, I suppose I could get a little more specific than that.

• Ankle is mostly better. It's still somewhat weak, but then I have weak ankles in general, and I don't see that changing anytime in the future, so it's not exactly a big change.

• I've been going to the gym (at my school) with the Boyfriend every other day (because it's pretty convenient for us to go after my early morning classes M/W/F) and I've been walking on the treadmill while he does... real workout things. (I got a new brace for my ankle which I've been sort of alternating wearing. It's a good brace, but it makes my shoes fit weird, so.) It's not so boring for me to walk since I have a Kindle, and I've discovered that it's light enough for me to hold up while I walk. It's actually a pretty productive place to read. And also I get exercise. Which I need. I was walking for just an hour each time, but today I discovered that I can walk five miles in 85 minutes (at a not terribly fast pace). This is encouraging. I think I could probably work my way up to five miles in 75 minutes, so that is my goal for the next little while.

• Today I actually went and walked with my dad, who wanted to walk a set distance, rather than a set time. Hence the shift in my routine.

• Speaking of injuries I have done to myself, though, my left knee is being all achey and bad. I thought I might have hyperextended it the first time I was on the treadmill, but I think it's more likely that the joint and muscles aren't used to the exertion. I was keeping it wrapped while I did my walking, but I think I'm going to leave it unwrapped next time and see what happens.

• I finished both of Deborah Harkness's books, but I didn't manage to make myself read anything I said I was going to read. I started both Black Heart and Storm Front (and both are good) but I wasn't hooked enough to keep going at the moment that I started them. (This happens pretty often. I tend to choose my books based on how I ~feel.) I ended up blasting through Patricia Briggs's Alpha & Omega prequel, which was short and sweet. On the other hand, Wednesday's workout reading material was another chunk of The Wolf Gift (which has finally gotten interesting!), and today's was Outlander (which I guess I'm finally getting around to). On the other hand, I did get my hands on a couple thousand books today (for my Kindle, obviously) so I have a whole bunch of things I could read, now.

• I dyed my hair black again for the first time in almost a year, and the color seems to be staying this time. Which is good, because I was afraid my hair had grown immune to black dye. The color isn't quite as vivid as I would like, so I'll likely try a different brand and all that in a couple of months when it's time to do it again, and some color still comes out every time I shower, but it seems to mostly be staying. And it's slightly ridiculous that that I am surprised and happy when hair dye does what it's supposed to do. What even.

I think there was more I was going to write about, but I've forgotten it and I'm tired. Thus, that's all for now!
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• I watched The Eagle last night. (For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I'm sorry. I use live-tweeting movies and shows as a way to diffuse my tension with the things. Thus: Y'all get spammed.) Fun fact: there's not a single woman with a speaking line in the movie. There's this one slave woman who gives Marcus a bowl of soup, and then we never see her again. There's also the Seal Prince's sister, who giggles while Marcus (Tatum Channing) grins at her. But that's it. No women at all. They weren't even trying to hide all the GAY that this movie sprouted.

• Another Fun Fact: I fell asleep last night composing smut fanfic for this movie in my head. So much gay. All the fic needs to be written. I've decided that I'm not going to read fic for it until after I've written some, because someone has probably written my idea, and I just want to do it my way. So. (Yes, [livejournal.com profile] dragon_gypsy, you were right. I write fic for everything. I am a terrible person.)

• Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on my flist! (Includes: human children and animal children. I totally call myself my cats' mom.) It's a beautiful sunny day here, even if it is windy, and I'm going to do laundry and cuddle with my cats and write some of my last papers. Which should all equal a pretty relaxing day, all told! I hope you all have relaxing days! Don't forget to call your mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, godmothers, and your best-friends' moms. :) (Or at least email.)

• There is a flat stretch of dirt road down in the valley here. I had my dad drive it, and one lap of it is 3/10 of a mile. I'm figuring that I ought to be able to do some running down there this summer, and get in shape. (My grandfather is in better shape than I am. Seriously.) Also, a friend of mine is moving into an apartment complex that has a pool. I anticipate lots of swimming to get back in shape. It's not really that I'm out of shape, but I'm tired of one walk up the hill tiring me out completely. Ugh.

• I'm back on the hunt for a car. I really really really do not want to go another summer without a car of my own. It might actually drive me crazy. I want to be able to go out and have fun without having to get a ride home from my dad early enough for him to go to sleep early like the old man he's starting to become. (Actually, I love my dad. But he likes to be asleep by 10pm, which kills a lot of my social life.) I think that the range for how much we can spend on it might be able to go up a bit, which means that the quality of car will go up a bit too. Which is great. I just want to be able to go out at night. (/fingers crossed)

• I need to talk to my boss about summer hours. I sent him an email about a month ago letting him know I would be available if he had anything for me, but I never heard anything back. (Not entirely surprising, as he's known to forget that sort of stuff and my email didn't exactly call for a response.) But since we're coming down to the last two weeks of school (!!!) it would be nice to get that all ironed out so I can have an estimate on how much money I'll be making over the summer. (You know, in September, I'll have been working at this place for two years. That's a lot!)

And it's time to go put laundry in and get on with the day.
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It's just after 2am and I am actually on my way to bed, but this "Post an Entry" tab has been open for a few days just staring woefully at me. So. Quick update, then bed.

• I am back from NYC somewhat recharged and feeling pretty damn good about myself. Seeing all my closest friends really helped my psyche, I think. I feel better about (just about) everything. Pictures from my day at the Met will probably be forthcoming. Other than that: I saw 4 movies; saw [livejournal.com profile] lskull86, [livejournal.com profile] girasola, [livejournal.com profile] exrpan (and her bf briefly) and my ex (which was, oddly, good); saw Arcadia on Broadway which kind of made my life (I may or may not have cried); and saw family, including my newest cousin Minna who was born in February.

• I am technically back at school, but in reality I've had no classes this week (except for seminar) while I write my enabling paper. (I am only sure that one person on my flist is actually going to know what that means, but I am too tired to explain. Suffice to say that it's the second biggest paper I will write at SJC.) I am writing on Aquinas and law, and whoooboy am I intimidated. My question is: given that human law is fallible, does Aquinas believes we need it, and why or why not? And also sort of why isn't divine law (and the Ten Commandments) sufficient? I... do not at all have a handle on what I'm writing about. I haven't even really got a draft for this paper yet (due this coming Monday at noon) because I am so, "Whut," about it. Aquinas is hard.

• Instead of writing today, I baked chocolate chip cookies and meringues. I thought about what I wanted to write, which doesn't count but usually helps.

• I've decided that, while eating less now that I am in Santa Fe—I gained at least 5 pounds while I was in NYC, I swear, I didn't stop eating the whole time, except for the day I spent at the Met maybe—is going to help a little with getting those extra pounds off, I need to start my exercises up again. Because I am out of shape and starting to add to my already existing body issues. (Which I don't need. I was fine with the few body issues I had. Definitely don't need more.) So, before climbing into bed just now, I laid out my yoga mat (a spare blanket) and did some stretching for flexibility, some yoga for stamina, and some push-ups and sit-ups for strength and toning. It's my own little mix of pilates, yoga, ballet stretches and internet-researched regular stuff for my own health. I was out of shape enough that I did only was able to do half the number of push-ups and sit-ups I was doing at the end of freshman year and I couldn't get my head to my knees like I used to be able to. Ugh. This is going to change. Might even start using the school gym again.

• I... have mostly abandoned all my fic projects in favor of an original thing that [livejournal.com profile] girasola and I have revived. (Well, I did the reviving and then I dragged her back into it because it is an awesome project.) It feels good to think about it again, I definitely missed it. Also, I am vaguely thinking about a Faerie thing. For which I am doing both research and meta-research (as Mira termed it, since it involves reading other people's Faerie books to see what they did). It's not really more than a vague thing in my head, but it had potential for awesomeness.

• Ok, actually, fic projects are not totally abandoned, since I figured out how I want my Prince Caspian AU to work. I think it's technically a Dawn Treader AU as I am ganking the plot from that movie instead of trying to figure something out for myself. (What? It's already there and useful.) I have a few scenes written up, but I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it for [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang. :/ Most other fic projects have been put on hold in favor of this one and the original stuff. Thank the gods that my Dawn Treader DVD won't be here until after I finish my paper. (Even if I do have a DLed copy...) I've already watched Prince Caspian twice for reasearch. (Hah!)

Aaand that's it for me. Sleep meds are starting to kick in, and maybe they'll actually keep me asleep tonight, though I'm not betting on it. I am getting in bed for a sleep.

P.S. This icon makes me happy because it vaguely reminds me of The Thing I'm working on with Mira. :)
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• I went to the gym today! I feel pretty good about this. I finally got some sports bras and some clothes I can work out in, got a locker at the gym, brought some shower stuff, did it all. (And also totally forgot a towel. Luckily they had some that they let us use.) I rode the stationary bike for 25 minutes on the second hardest resistance. 5 miles, bitches! And then I took a long satisfying shower.

• And then my dad made me walk up the mountain instead of actually bringing me to the top. My legs hate me.

• I has a paper to write for next week. Small one, and not about anything that I don't have a pretty good grasp on, but I'm determined not to put it off. So I'll probably see if I can figure out what I want to write about tonight and see if I can get a little bit of an outline. Look! I can totally be a good student! ...she says, knowing that she has already misplaced the word list for The Bacchae. Whoops. I have to find that tonight.

• Mom and I also got some kitty eyedrops for Nyx. Her eyes seem a little bit better, actually. We'll probably still have to take her to the vet soon, but at least she might not have an eye infection. But zomg. It's like Nyx sleeps all day just so that she can get hyper at 9:30pm. I know this is a cat thing. But she hasn't yet learned where she's allowed to be, so she keeps trying to come up on my desk and walk all over my laptop. Silly kitten.

• Speaking of Mom: she's going away til the end of the month, and while I am looking forward to having the house to myself for a little while—not that I don't love my mother dearly, I just also like having the house to myself—I have no car/driver's license to take advantage of this fact. Curses! Foiled again!

• SPEAKING OF CAR, my dad and I are going to call a bunch of people about their Craigslist ads this Friday, because we can't go see any cars until Sunday. So. Here's hoping that one of the 15 people we call about their ads will have a car that's safe and working and will pass an inspection for when I take the test. I neeeeeeed a car. If only to protect my shoulder/back. I have to carry everything around with me at school. Which always means my laptop, and sometimes means several books including my several pound giant Torah that I need for seminar. Oof. With a car I would be able to leave books in my car if I didn't need them until the end of the day. My shoulder needs it. I was looking at it when I was dressing to work out, and I was like, "Holy shit, I look a little like I've been abused." It's kind of bruised, plus the marks on my back and ribs from where my bag bangs into me. I am clearly a crazy person.

• Oof. It's gotten late. I need to actually go do the things that I need to do.

• P.S. And by the end of this post, it's no longer playing "The USS Make Shit Up"—which, if anyone knows that that is and how it relates to my icon, major props to you. Mira, you're disqualified. :P—and now it's playing "Starship Trooper". Yeah, as in, "I lost my heart to a starship trooper / Flashing lights in hyper space / Fighting for the Federation / Hand in hand we'll conquer space". My music cracks me up sometimes.


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