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Tonight was Barnes & Noble's Harry Potter Magical Holiday Ball. I went—because of course I was going to go—got all dressed up and wandered around a bit. I mingled with other nerds in Harry Potter garb and watched (mostly indulgently) as small children ran around waving wands. I ended up not staying for the full event, whatever that might have ultimately have entailed. It was fun, and almost captured the magic of the midnight releases of old. Almost.

Those were the good times.

But mostly I felt I could have been carrying a sign. "I'm looking for friends. I like Harry Potter, too. Will you be my friend?" I told one girl that I liked her awesome coat, and her friend said she liked my beetle-wing earrings and they both laughed at my, "They're appropriately Slytheriny!" reply. Making friends is hard for the socially anxious, and that was the extent of my friendly overtures. But it would have been nice to capture the magic—hah—what it used to be.

P.s. I don't have an Harry Potter icons. That seems strange to me now.
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Today is crazy. There are so many people missing in my classes because of the school play and Princeton Model Congress that my classes are so out of whack. But in a good way.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Harry Potter, and then I'm also seeing it on Saturday at the big IMAX, which is going to be amazing. I'm seeing it with Lulu both times. ANd we're dressing up for the one on Saturday. It's going to rock so much.

Um... four days. XD
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Ok, at this point, I'm only reading the books for two reasons. 1) To find out how Harry kills Voldemort ( because there are so many reasons it should be nearly impossible ) and 2) Because I have a strange obsessive compulsiveness that require me to, one I have started a series, finish it. But honestly, book 6 seemed... lame to me. I can't help but think that Harry is so two dementional. He has about four emotions; happy, angry, confused and brave. There is no sad, because he turns his sad into angry or confused. The characters that I like, however, are the ones that she's seemed to flesh out a little bit more. Like Snape. And Lupin. Other than that, there aren't people I like in the books.

And please don't get annoyed at me for having an opinion.

I will admit, however, that fanfiction has made Draco one of my favorite characters. So I am curious enough to read the next book just to find out what happens to him. Though, as some of you know, I have my theories!

And as a writer, let me say that while I would love to be fabulously rich like JKR, I hope I never get that popular. Liza pointed this out to me last night. If I were her, I would be worried that something I put in the last book would cause some crazy fan to try and murder me. >.< So props to her.


Jul. 18th, 2005 12:22 pm
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So yes, home. At 2:30 am. At that point I had been awake for more than 36 hours. >.< But it was worth it. Really worth it. I had lots of fun.

I still want to go to Alpha again next year, and I might get the chance to, as a staff, though it all depends on who gets voted for by the administrators. Here's hoping that they think I would be a good staffer. :D

Confluence was amazingly cool. I bid on and won two pieces of art in the art show. I got them for a total of $35. Which is pretty great. Between now and the next time I post, I'll take pictures of them for people to see. Because really, they rock so much.

No, I still have not read the 6th book. I was waaaaaay too tired on the trip home. I slept through the whole trip basically. Which was fine. I'm sure nothing interesting happened.

My Howl's Moving Castle book didn't ship until I was in Martha's Vineyard, and then didn't get to me until I was at Alpha. So I didn't get it until just now. ( Well, last night, but I haven't started reading that either. ) Fnar. Silly Amazon.
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We're leaving for Confluence pretty soon. WHich means this is my last post until either I get home, or I get onto the supposed free wireless at the hotle. Either one.

I shall be cosplaying, as you all know, and I will take pics for all of you curious people. I wish I had remembered to bring my digital camera. But no, Sky is a forgetful creture, and she didn't remember. And her father wouldn't buy her a disposable one when she asked. Woe is Sky.

Er... I totally had something else to say in this post here. But now I don't remember what it was. >.< Mother fucker.



Anyway. Er... Can't remember. Oh well. See you all on the flip side!


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