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It's my birthday! Which means my traditional breakfast of blintzes and then dinner of homemade spaghetti sauce. My dad made the sauce yesterday, but as soon as he loads and starts his dishwasher, we'll start making the blintzes. Both of these are made using my grandmother's recipes, and have been my preferred birthday food for many years.

It ought to be noted that the spaghetti sauce is not, by any means, a traditional Italian recipe. We're Russian/German jews, not Italian jews. But it's super yummy. I generally think that it should be eaten without noodles, in a sort of open-face sandwich on garlic bread. Because it's just that good.

Jeez. Even just writing about all that has made me hungry.

It's going to be a good, happy, relaxing day.

Maybe I'll even write a little.
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I am 21 years old today. I don't feel different–yet? I guess that might change, who knows? XD

Plans for today include getting me some sort of ID (either the sort that might allow me to drive some day, or the sort that is really only an ID), getting my ears pierced again, dinner with the rest of the people I work with/for, and some father-daughter bonding over a glass of Scotch.

Real partying won't happen until I get to NYC, I think. Mostly because most of my friends here have gone elsewhere for the holidays. So I'm going back to where the friends I left behind are. Can't wait to see them all. :D


Guys. I'm 21! *does a little dance*

In case you still want to get me something: You can find my wishlist here!
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I am 20. =O =O =O
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I was totally going to write something for this post, and I had even thought about what I was going to write and didn't really have any ideas but that's not really the point, in honor of it being my birthday and my 1000th post, but then I got sick, and had a final and still have homework that I need to finish but I don't want to because I'm done, damnit, and it's my birthday.

So, instead of writing, you all get this:

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Most Serene Highness Lady Sky the Possible of Heffton St Mallet
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Lame trade off, I know. But what can you do.

My goals for winter break are pretty simple:
1) Settle into new dorm.
2) Read books that I haven't read, but have already bought.
3) Write at least two new stories.
4) Edit at least two old ones.

This is all pretty doable, right? I mean, nothing too impossible there. ...and yet, I still somewhow feel that I won't get it all done. Which is almost depressing. It probably would be depressing, if it weren't for the fact that today is my birthday, and nothing will depress me for at least... 16 hours. (I suspect that's about when I will realize just how much shit I still have to pack and have something of a break down. Whoops?)

ETA: You know, this is the first birthday in... about as long as I can remember, that I haven't had my dad's blintzes for breakfast/lunch. For the first time since coming to college, I'm a wee bit homesick.


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