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Oh yeah, posting when only a little over a month has passed. Getting better at this. Go me.

• I'm back from Israel. It was pretty awesome. I took 300+ pictures, but I'm not that great of a photographer. Some are good, though. I'll probably post those on Facebook (at some point...) so if we're friends there, keep an eye out for them. I definitely enjoyed the food though, and I'm definitely going to have to try my hand at making some of it. Like falafel, which is actually really easy. There are opportunities for me to go back to Israel, but I don't know that that's a thing I necessarily feel the need to do. But we'll see where life takes me, I guess.

• I also moved! I am in my own little one bedroom/one bathroom apartment now. It's the perfect size for me and my cat, though there are things that I don't have still. My last place was big enough and had enough extra floor space thatI could just store things on the floor if there wasn't a place for them. This place is smaller, so that's not really an option. It does have way more closet space, though. So that's helping.

• Work! I have a job interview in an hour. I'm not entirely clear on what I'd be doing in the job, but the job ad requested someone creative, intuitive, well-organized, internet savvy, reliable, optimistic, and "interested in exploring a wide variety of projects in the worlds of Art, Cultural Awareness, and the Environment." So fingers crossed. I think I'm a pretty good interviewee, but I could still use some luck and good vibes.

I don't really know what to say here these days. So I guess that's it.


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