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• I survived the doctor's appointment! The nurse took my blood pressure and heart rate and all that before the doctor actually came in, and noted that my heart rate was up. Yeah, duh, of course it's up. I'm in a doctor's office and quietly (internally) freaking out.

• Then, even though the nurse didn't think that I would have to be jabbed with any needles (this time), the doctor ended up recommending that I get a tetanus shot before going to Israel. Totally reasonable. Thing I Learned Today: shots actually hurt more than tattoos (for me) because of how much deeper the needle goes into you. I did not burst into tears like the last time I had to get a shot (about 10 years ago, that time at the dentist doesn't count because I was huffing happy gas), I was very calm about it, even to the point of calmly saying, "Ow." I did lay down though. Since I didn't know what my reaction was going to be, I didn't want to faint or something.

• Bonus: they did a pregnancy test before the shot and yay! Not pregnant!

• And the doctor filled out the doctor's note for my Israel trip, so now I have gotten the people all the paperwork they've asked me for and I am just waiting to hear about which group I will be put in, and for my flight assignments. (Which, apparently, will be sent out at the beginning of December for an early February trip. You'd think they would be a little bit more considerate about timing, since people going on the trips are responsible for getting to the city of departure on their own. I guess two months is an ok amount of time to find a flight, but more notice means a cheaper flight. So.)

• I will likely have to go back to the doctor sometime soon for a full workup—today was mostly about the doctor's note and establishing primary care. Which means blood work will be done and also a Lady Exam. All of which are good things, even if being anywhere near doctors sort of scares the shit out of me.

• I have a long weekend this weekend. I always have Fridays off, but my Thursday class was cancelled because the teacher will be out of town. Woo! Freedom!

• Long weekend means some time to do writing and planning for writing. I really need to start the rough drafts of the Myth, Archetype, & Fairy Tale collection I'm writing, and also I ought to get things together for NaNoWriMo this year. So that's what my weekend will be all about. Homework, homework writing, and writing.

• Oh, also, baseball. My weekend will be full of baseball. My team didn't make it to the World Series—but they got closer this year than they've gotten in my memory, and they've been steadily improving for the last few years, so I've got my fingers crossed for a World Series in their close future. (Fun fact: the last time they won a World Series—which was also the last time they even went to the World Series—was the years I was born.)

I guess that's it. I'm trying to update a little more regularly here. We'll see if that happens.


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